How to change itself in 100 days

How to change itself in 100 days

each woman asks question of change of the appearance for the small period, we will tell in 100 days that she equals to three and a half months. It can be connected with desire to change life, to become more successful or to start family.

Change yourself

Before changing the style in clothes, hairstyle and make-up, it is possible to try to begin with simple things which will not demand intervention of experts of fashion industry.

For a start it is necessary to carry out the analysis of the appearance and to reveal the most attractive part of body, having placed on it emphasis. For example, owners of beautiful eyes can work over look. The live look attracts people around. Having put emphasis on lips it is necessary to consider that the shape of mouth changes during life depending on circumstances. Certain efforts for maintenance of corners of lips in the correct situation will be required. The bearing plays not the last role in all image too. The raised head and direct back characterize the person as self-assured. And the smile changes the person, attracts the stronger sex. It is necessary to look for own options of smiles, half-smiles. The mimicry gives the interlocutor 50% of information on the person at once therefore here control is important. The oppressed mood, rage and irritability can be the reasons of unpleasant mimicry. In gestures the main thing restraint and elegance of movements. The clenched fists put cross-wise hands can tell about the girl as uneasy, the person wishing to be protected. Also can bring the fingers which are beating off drumbeat into irritation of people around. Speaking about gait, it should be noted that it is way of giving of the woman of in society. It is necessary to go gracefully, the house mirrors, show-windows on the street revealing the made mistakes for this purpose will help.

To teach it is correct to behave it is possible in 4 weeks, carefully perfecting the skill day by day, having turned it into good habit.

Transition to cardinal changes

The choice of hairstyle and make-up can take some time. Everything it is necessary to consider and come in details to any option, up to consultations with professionals of this area. On selection of suitable option at girls about a month at long reflection leaves. If with hairstyle and hair color the hairdresser helps, then concerning make-up it is necessary to go to the makeup artist. The most important in that the created image inspired the hostess on good fulfillments. To find suitable style in clothes the scrupulousness and serious approach is necessary: to bypass all shops, to choose suitable style, fabric, color of clothes, to consult to girlfriends, to resort to the help of stylists. It will drag on for one month. It is necessary to consider type of figure and the person. It is important to understand that more than two bright colors and also different styles are not combined in one dress. Accessories which selection too lot of work will become addition to new style. If to connect strict necklace to business jacket and to add with colourful scarf, then the image will become uncommon, executed with taste. As for rules of wearing footwear, it should be noted style, convenience and its appointment here (output or daily). Young ladies of large constitution or high growth have to remember that footwear on high heel will only aggravate figure shortcomings. Such spike heel will give type of instability and bulkiness. All women are united by desire to hide the age. Therefore, having set the purpose to seem is younger, it is especially necessary to show consideration for clothes style on age as each age has it the. It is necessary to agree that when the very young girl puts on as the adult woman in style vamp or on the contrary, the woman for 35 puts on as the teenager, it looks wildly. In case of uncertainty it is possible to group extraordinary details in one style, it is possible to adhere to classical styles which are always opportunity to decorate with bright accessories. Having listened to these councils, it is possible to receive the new fresh external image created in only 100 days. It is known that changing features, make-up and clothes style, both the personality and the relation to life have to change.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team