How to change itself to unrecognizability

How to change itself to unrecognizability

Cardinal change of the shape is not always means at last to show the merits. Sometimes the ordinary image just becomes boring to the woman and her environment, there is a wish for something extremely new. If at you the decision to change itself to unrecognizability has ripened, be going to work at yourself strongly.


  1. Changes begin from within. If you the choleric person with explosive, extremely independent character are also fond of fight, try to apprehend yourself as the weak defenseless woman: demand the help from people around, kartinno take offense and be capricious, arise upon care and courtings. Be sincerely in the requests. Do not play and do not pretend to be, and be yourself in new circumstances. If it seems to you that such sharp change causes laughter, then laugh at yourself in soul, but do not stop.
  2. Find new hobby. If earlier you liked to stay at home with the book more, undertake dumbbells and hoop, take dancing classes or fitness. If you do parkour, start going to theaters and the museums, develop humanitarian thinking.
  3. Replace clothes. Present old things to the girlfriend or exchange for her clothes: instead of jeans romantic skirt from the soft, sliding material, instead of sweater with throat jacket with deep cut or corset.
  4. Throw out all old cosmetics. Replace palette from gray-blue with bright green or pinkish-brown, pastel tone replace bright. It touches both face, and nails.
  5. Spirits. Your smell enters the room before you, in it you sometimes are even remembered. Choose smell of which yesterday and could not think.
  6. Hairstyle. Change laying form, color. Make something that it seems to you extreme.
  7. Do not hesitate of the new image. Include new models and phrases in behavior. Feel freely and easy in new shape as good suit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team