How to change shape of knees

How to change shape of knees

human body sometimes happens imperfectly, and physical defects are capable to put strong psychological pressure. Attractive legs want to have both women, and the man, however what to do if the appearance of knees is not ideal and how it is possible to change their form?

Safely to sport beautiful legs, it is necessary to pay special attention to condition of knees as this part is allocated most strongly. The drooped skin and muscles which have lost tone can be corrected in three main ways: - sports trainings; - cosmetic procedures;

- plastic surgery.

Sports trainings

In the easiest, trouble-free and safe way to bring knees into appropriate look, physical activities are. It is possible to ask for the help the fitness trainer who will make the most suitable plan of occupations, and it is possible to work effectively at home.

For stable result of exercise it is necessary to carry out daily or every other day. For example, classical squats, attacks on knee, pulling up of the bent knees to breast or the head from prone position on spin, circular rotations of halfbent legs in standing position. In addition, any occupations which study chetyrekhglavy muscle of hip approach. When this muscle comes to tone and will get stronger, it will surely tighten knee and will correct its form. The regular extension of legs will be not superfluous, even easy exercises will be able to change their appearance.

Cosmetic procedures

The shape of knees will change if to eliminate cosmetic defects of skin: swellings and the drooped parts. When legs regularly swell, it is necessary to carry out medical wrappings, for example, with green tea, herbs or seaweed. For the procedure it is necessary to make mix in which it is necessary to moisten natural fabric from cotton or linen, and then to wrap it legs. Such wrapping lasts 30 minutes. As a result hypostases will leave, and skin will become very gentle and smooth. Medical massage well helps with the general correction of legs. For such procedure it is possible to use various essential oils and their structures. It is necessary to hold sessions regularly and to carry out their at least 10 days in a row. Cosmetics will be excellent help in elimination of problems with skin: cream, the masks, serums which are regenerating and tightening complexes.

Plastic surgery

This radical way of self-improvement can be used when other methods are ineffective or insufficient. Such operation is called lipomodelirovaniye. During intervention the doctor the special device with thin tubule simply sucks away excess fat deposits from area of knees. At the expense of it there is also change of their form. This procedure costs rather not much and is carried out in clinics and the centers of plastic surgery. After operation do not remain visible hems or scars, and the subsequent restoration happens very quickly.

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