How to change shape of nails

How to change shape of nails

Not each woman is happy with form of the nail plates. Trying to correct situation, many ladies prefer to change shape of nails by building, however it is not the only way to make nails beautiful and to give them well-groomed look.


1. If you have too wide nail bed, give preference to oval, ovate-square or almond-shaped form. To change shape of nail, having made it more roundish, it is necessary to let grow nails to average length and to file accurately, smoothly rounding off corners. During covering of nail plates decorative varnish, it is not necessary to fill all space of nail, it is necessary to leave at the edges unpainted strips, it will allow to extend form visually.

2. If you wish to change shape of square nails, then you should not apply on them cross decorative drawings. Use the vertical lines which are visually extending form of nail plates. If you prefer the French manicure, then it is the best of all to choose service jacket with strongly tightened edges ("smile), it will allow to extend nails and to give them elegant look.

3. At triangular shape of nails their free part needs to be filed so that it looked oval. The nail plate should be straightened on width and to make narrower slightly. At covering of such nails allocate with varnish better that part which is located closer to free edge, light color. This reception will help to change triangular shape, having given to nail plates harmonious look. It is also possible to apply the vertical decorative drawing on nails.

4. If your nails have too rounded shape, do not use the drawing "peas", and do not place emphasis on the middle of nail. Visually to extend form of nail plate, it is necessary to place emphasis on outer edge, in particular, it is possible to decorate it with the drawing.

5. The small nails having small surface it is necessary to grow to the most acceptable length. Wishing to change their form, it is possible to resort also to the procedure of building. Remember that the grown part should not exceed nail plate by the sizes, otherwise it is possible to gain boomerang effect, and nails will look unnaturally and roughly.

6. If you have long fingers and at the same time the nail bed has too extended form, you can change its appearance, having given preference to classical service jacket with direct edge. Do not do nails too long, otherwise hands will look disproportionately and not too esthetically.

7. If your nail plates have rectangular shape, and you like more roundish nails, then the situation can be corrected, having rounded off tips when performing manicure. Remove keen edges and apply varnish with dense, even layer. At rectangular shape do not use varnish of bright shades, stop the choice on the neutral, slightly muffled flowers better, and here the drawing you can choose any.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team