How to change structure of hair

How to change structure of hair

Probably, it is a little in the world of women who would be happy with the hair for all hundred percent. Who does not want that hair became more that they looked more magnificent and better. Among set of small female cunnings there are tricks like piles, irons for hair straightening, the hair dryer, improbable quantity of brushes, varnishes, gels. But all this yields result only for one day. It is possible to make the hair more dense and more beautifully for longer terms, having only changed their structure. How to make it, without having injured hair?


  1. To change structure of hair, wash the head with shampoo which gives to hair volume. Also for achievement of the best result it is possible to do mask for hair, it will do hair more densely and will not weight your hair.
  2. Visually special coloring will help to change structure of hair to you. Make highlighting of several locks, it is better to entrust it to professionals.
  3. Chemical wave - too quite good way to give to hair volume. But do not forget that after such procedure the hair need special leaving as after this laying they have severe stress. You will be helped by shampoos on the basis of ginseng, green tea.
  4. Head skin also needs food. It is useful to rub oil of nettle or rosemary in head skin. Masks from burdock oil which can be bought in drugstore will be also excellent means.
  5. Use special protective creams and sprays which do not demand washing off. It is desirable to get them in shops of professional cosmetics. It is also necessary to use them in hot weather as sunshine injure hair.
  6. The successful hairstyle not only will favourably emphasize advantages of your hair, but also will change your image. If hair drop out or look lifeless and no masks help any more, then it is necessary to cut off hair well that to roots it was not so heavy.
  7. Many salons offer new service - lamination of hair. Hair become covered by the special means forming protective film. It will help you to keep force and volume of hair for several months.
  8. Modern and professional cosmetics will help your hair to have attractive appearance, exists much and the known national ways: masks from egg yolk, bread, burdock oil. But you remember - in order that hair were easily styled in hairstyle, were elastic, strong and perfectly looked, it is necessary to look after them daily.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team