How to change the appearance

How to change the appearance

If you are adult woman and want to look younger and is fresher that is quite natural, you are able to do it simple make-shifts, without resorting to radical measures. The only thing "but" which is in the matter it is sense of proportion. The main thing is not to go too far. Here several councils on this subject.

It is required to you

  • For noble cause of maintenance of beauty it will be required to you not really much: creams, decorative cosmetics, the visit of hairdressing salon there are a little vegetables, and.


  1. Skin - the first and main component of female beauty. From in what it state, it is how fresh and young it looks, depends, is how younger and fresh you will look. Young skin shines, shines, you and know it. How to reach such effect? Take for the rule to use liquid foundation under make-up with reflective particles. It you will achieve several effects at once: skin will become younger to look, and wrinkles and other small defects will become not so noticeable. If your liquid foundation is also with effect of lifting, it in general will be remarkable.
  2. Eyes, namely – circles under eyes. This problem does is more senior than many, even very young girls. This problem can have different reasons. It both chronic sleep debt, and violation of blood circulation in eyes, problems with kidneys, and even hemorrhoids. If with health you are all right, sleep off and try the most plain and effective folk remedy for elimination of circles under eyes. Take fresh cucumber, grate it, turn in gauze, and do such cucumber compresses under eyes. Cucumber juice perfectly refreshes and clarifies gentle skin under eyes. Do this procedure regularly, and you will see as far as you change and will begin to look younger. In case of emergency it is possible to use the special clarifying pencils.
  3. Cheeks are fresh and ruddy. Remember how to the fairy tale "Father Frost" the loving mummy rubbed cheek beet to the ugly creature daughter and the princess kept saying ", is not present – the princess!". Remember, and do not do so. If to you there are not 18 years, be not zealous in use of very bright blush, but if to you not 60 – be not fond of beige-brown scale. Pink and peach – here your primary colors of blush to look younger and more attractive.
  4. Lips – bow, chubby and sexual. If your lips dry and burst, first of all is lack of vitamin of group B. Pay attention to it – this vitamin is extremely necessary and useful to female body. And visually to make lips Bol chubby and sexual, use lipstick of pink shades, light, with effect of nacre or lip gloss.
  5. Hairs are shiny and healthy. Group B vitamin is also responsible for health and beauty of our hair. Make for yourself intake of vitamins pleasant morning ritual, and you will notice how the structure and appearance of your hair will improve. Visually to look younger, do not construct at yourself on the head of difficult hairstyles. Give preference to simple hairstyles, freely streaming curls and the color which is brought closer to natural. You descend to the good hairdresser, together you will be able to pick up to you image which easily will independently support and which will do you younger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team