How to change the image

How to change the image

To bring freshness note in the life, or to completely change the life, try to change the external image. Today you the elegant blonde, tomorrow – the passionate brunette. How to decide on it also what at the same time to do?


  1. Cardinal change of image should be conducted on all fronts: hairstyle, make-up, clothes, accessories. At the same time surely learn the opinion of the person who for you in it sample. But council of the girlfriend in this case not always by the way. Not to commit follies, for the first time address the professional stylist-makeup artist. He will be able to pick up to you the daily festive meyk-apostle.
  2. Having found the good hairdresser, you will be able safely to trust him experiments with your hair. And the hairstyle can change you very much. If you have short hair, then you can perform procedure for hair extension, or use laid on locks. If long – mercilessly cut, as they say, hair not teeth, anew will grow. Especially as to any person it is possible to pick up short hairstyle which will only emphasize beauty of your lines.
  3. As for clothes, surely in advance think over image in which you want to appear before others. Many women do not even guess what force of transformation is in application of accessories. Even putting on the same suit day by day, you will be able to look differently, putting on with it different unusual accessories: scarfs, scarfs, brooches, handbags, gloves. Let in ensemble there will be 1-2 bright accents which will make your image very interesting, collected and stylish. Find the highlight which will make you unique. It can be accessory which will always be on you, changing only the form. For example, you can pass for the lover of hats, gloves, unusual bags, brooches and so on.
  4. Experimenting, always adhere to sense of proportion and taste. Even transformation from the elegant lady in the bad girl has to decorate you, but not frighten off people, and it means, as the hairstyle and new clothes style have to emphasize your advantages, hide shortcomings, in general do image harmonious and supplement each other. Be not afraid to change the external image, and change of hairstyle and style can will become good impulse on change of way of life in general.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team