How to change to look younger

How to change to look younger

Every year the organism of the woman changes, ease of gait vanishes, skin loses elasticity and freshness, wrinkles develop. To return itself youth by means of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures for pocket not everyone. However you can try to change and to begin to look younger.


  1. Slow down skin aging process. Negatively skin is influenced by many factors, but the most pernicious are ultraviolet, alcohol and smoking. The sun dries up skin and causes photoageing. That to avoid it, use sunblock creams and you are not under direct beams too long, especially at noon. Absolutely it is not necessary to avoid the sun – its influence is necessary for production of vitamin D. Extremely negatively affect skin and addictions – the complexion becomes earthy, additional wrinkles develop. Refuse alcohol and cigarettes - and you will look younger.
  2. Lose excess weight – stout persons always look is more senior than the years. Besides, fat deposits negatively affect also health, worsening metabolism and provoking diseases of internals. When you get rid of extra kilos, your gait will change, you will feel more vigorously, easier and more young. The healthy nutrition and sports activities will help to lose weight to you. The fitness, except weight loss, will make your body more tightened that, undoubtedly, will have a positive impact on appearance.
  3. Change way of drawing make-up. Some women in 40 years do make-up as well as in 20. So it is impossible to do. You should refuse dark foundations, bright blush and shadows, opaque lipsticks. Do not use dense powders and foundations – they emphasize wrinkles. You put basis with several thin layers, but not one thick. Use shadows natural shades – gray or brown, but not opaque, and with small gloss. It is better to choose ink with the extending effect. Use windows for the person, they do skin more smooth and shining from within.
  4. Change hairstyle and hair color. To look younger, make short hairstyle or cut off bang, clarify hair on 1-2 shades. But if you do not want to be recoloured cardinally – lighten only separate locks.
  5. Reconsider the clothes. You wear only beautiful and elegant clothes. You should not go too far and dress teenage dresses – in them you will look ridiculously. Add more color to clothes – black has property to age. Do not refuse and from heels – they will emphasize symmetry of your legs.
  6. You look at the world more positively. The smiling woman always looks younger gloomy and suppressed. Learn to find joy even in the smallest and insignificant events, and your internal spirit will always be positive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team