How to choose and buy burdock oil

How to choose and buy burdock oil

Burdock oil feeds roots of hair, improves their structure. Putting oil on hair is fine prevention against their loss. That the product was the most effective, it is necessary to choose it correctly.

Properties of burdock oil

Burdock oil enjoys wide popularity as cosmetic. This unique product improves growth of hair, interferes with their loss, strengthens hair from within, does them more smooth, elastic.

Burdock oil contains huge number of valuable components. Unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, mineral substances are its part. Thanks to action of these components the structure of hair significantly improves.

This means can be applied on roots of hair, on all their length or only on their tips depending on objective. After putting burdock oil it is necessary to cover the head with cellophane and to wrap up with warm towel. It is recommended to wash away means from hair in 30-40 minutes. Before application oil can be warmed up slightly to increase efficiency of the procedure.

Rules of the choice of burdock oil

Burdock oil can be made without effort in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to draw burdock roots on any botanical oil. But modern women prefer to buy nevertheless ready-made product as in shop oil is provided in all variety. When choosing this cosmetic it is necessary to pay attention to its structure first of all. Preference should be given to those products which list of ingredients is not too big. Oil extract of root of burdock has to be located at the very beginning of the list. On the label the name of oil on which insisted burdock root has to be written. The most quality products are made on the basis of olive and almond oils. Rape and soy oils are less useful and not so effective. Vitamins, extract of pepper and other useful components which only increase efficiency of means can be added to composition of burdock oil of industrial production. But in this case it is necessary to consider that such products, as a rule, are more expensive. Increases the price as well colourful packing. Choosing oil in shop, it is necessary to give preference to product with fresh date of production. Oils have property to turn rancid very quickly, especially if cosmetic products are stored on light. To the termination of period of storage of product many useful substances which are its part lose the curative force. Choosing means for hair care, it is necessary to give preference to that product which is packed into bottle from opaque glass or the darkened polymeric material. Such type of packaging significantly increases oil period of storage.

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