How to choose autosuntan

How to choose autosuntan

Autosuntan helps girls to give to skin beautiful dark shade, having avoided harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. These means are safe, are issued in different forms and allow to control intensity of tone. That autosuntan has turned you into the sexy beauty, seriously approach the choice of cosmetic product.

Surprising properties of modern autosuntan

Autosuntan is convenient and allows "to sunbathe" quickly. At the same time you will easily avoid redness, unpleasant blisters and peeling. The main component of autosuntan – DHA (dihydroxy acetone). It reacts with amino acids and proteins of epidermis. Thanks to chemical reaction, process of formation of melanoidins begins and skin becomes swarty.

Autosuntan is absolutely safe for health. You will already notice its action one or two hours later after drawing. However experts note: the earlier means will begin to work, the quicker suntan will descend.

The suntan preparations sold today possess not only ability to tint skin, but also look after her. Choosing means for coloring, pay attention to additional functions. For example, the milk and lotions are capable to moisturize the skin deeply. If on autosuntan there is anti-age mark, it will help with fight against wrinkles and withering. And the antioxidants which are part will give to skin additional food. Also there is autosuntan containing reflective particles.

Correct selection of autosuntan

It is necessary to choose autosuntan, proceeding from the type of appearance. It will allow to get the correct means which will lay down exactly and will not make your skin unnaturally yellow. Correctly picked up autosuntan will give to appearance good natural form.

The fashion for the "overroasted" girls remained in the past. Today autosuntan should be applied it is very dosed, doing skin is only a little more dark. Natural suntan looks beautifully and helps to hide appearance shortcomings.

If your skin very light and thin, and hair – blonde/red, pay attention to the tinting means with the painting pigments. For example, gradually shown milk or light lotion. Using them, you will buy beautiful leather and healthy appearance. Refuse creams, sprays and napkins – after their use you will look unnaturally. If your hair chestnut, fair-haired, and skin has olive subtone, use autosuntan of average intensity. The milk, cream or spray will help to receive fast suntan to you. If you are afraid to receive stains and uneven tone, give preference to the tinting lotion of high intensity. Swarty girls (to natural brunettes with dark eyes) should pay attention to high-intensity means. In your case the swarty shade will look beautifully and naturally, will effectively emphasize appearance. Use special napkins or lotions with flickering particles. However be attentive and be not overzealous not to turn into the inhabitant of Africa.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team