How to choose beard. What will suit you

How to choose beard. What will suit you

beard in national tradition is the embodiment of vital force, sign of courage and fertility. Tsars and heroes of the different countries and times were always represented with mustache and beards. Today, to carry beard, it is not obligatory to be celebrity. However that with its help to emphasize appearance advantages, but not to spoil it, it is important to pick up beard type correctly.


  1. Unmistakably to choose suitable form for beard, study lines of the person. Pay special attention to cheekbones and the size of mouth. Looking in mirror, define how these details will be combined with the imagined beard.
  2. Stop to have a shave and two-three weeks later study lines of the person and the nature of growth of hair again. Notice where they grow best of all. Perhaps, hair do not even reach chin or, on the contrary, generally focus on it.
  3. Mentally make sketches of future beard. If you decide to carry wide beard, it will be possible to shave neck hair and upper part of cheeks. The beard, shaved is shorter tenches of chin, will approach in case you have round face. So visually it will become thinner. The goat small beard assuming availability of hair around mouth and their absence on cheeks will be able to create the same effect. It is also possible to try to release it if on cheeks the hair grow badly.
  4. In the presence of ligament of beard and mustache and rather good growth of hair, you will be able to afford full beard. The trapezoid beard with mustache of the average size visually extends face. The beard subforging, but at all not goatee or espanyolka will be suitable for longish face more.
  5. Except shape of face, pay attention to its color and your growth. Tall volume fluffy beards approach, undersized it is worth showing thirst for minimalism. If you have dark hair and light skin, choose compact beards, trimming cheek hair. If you the owner of fair hair – can safely carry wide beard.
  6. Having decided on style of beard, let's hair grow up until they cover all naked sites on face. And, despite the general recommendations, you aim at identity. Try different forms, choosing that which will be able to emphasize beauty of the beard and to change image component of your appearance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team