How to choose beautiful hairstyle in shape of face

That the woman looked effectively, everything has to correspond: dress, make-up, hairstyle. Before hairstyle it is necessary to decide on its style and, adhering to shape of face, to make choice.

Main face types:

  • • oval;
  • • rectangle;
  • • circle;
  • • triangle;
  • • trapeze;
  • • square.

Oval face

It is combined with any hairstyle because possesses classical proportions. Width of forehead is combined with width of cheekbones, and the person has height 1.5 times more than its width. Such type is recommended for hairstyles with the curls collected above, open forehead.

It will be ideal to look any bang which needs to be chosen according to age and type of figure. Stopping on the choice of jewelry and accessories, there are no limitations.

Longish face

Feature — the identical width of forehead and chin. Hairstyles which extend face are not acceptable therefore short hairstyles or straight long hair are considered as suitable. With the extended form it is not obligatory for women to do open ears and forehead because defects of the person will be emphasized that is absolutely undesirable.

Choosing clothes, it is necessary to avoid top with cut like V, collars in the form of triangle. During the choice of jewelry you should not stop on long versions with pendants of the same form.

For longish face: • long direct bang to eyebrows for visual reduction; • curly hairstyle on each side for rounding where ears are required to be closed; • hairstyles with volumes; • the short hairstyle expanded and bent to bottom; • asymmetry.

Selecting clothes, it is worth stopping on forms of collars and cuts like circle or semicircle. Jewelry should be combined large and volume.

Round face

 In the presence of wide cheekbones and high nose bridge it is required to try hairstyles without volume since they will mark out defects of the person, you should not comb hair back. The bang should not close all forehead. Any small curls and horizontal lines.

Choosing clothes, it is necessary to stop on the thing shortening face. Scarves will approach, wearing collars like circle and "racks", tops is not obligatory. Jewelry is not recommended volume and short.

Approach: • the hairstyles which are visually extending face; • length of hair is within 20 - 25 cm; • slanting bang with straight hair; • high hairstyles; • bang "cloves"; • curly hair; • without hair parting or with side; • asymmetry.

Clothes with cuts like V and with lack of collars, but with availability of long tops, and jewelry can be in the form of polygons.

Triangular face

 Carry wide forehead, the acting cheekbones, the shifted chin to it. It is impossible to comb hair from sides because it is undesirable to mark out defects of cheekbones. Any short bangs and hairstyles with the high top. In the choice of clothes to pay special attention to cuts and forms of collars and tops. Not to choose the extended jewelry.

Approaches: • when wide part of hairstyle is on the level of the middle of ear; • long bangs; • average length of indumentum.

The wide forehead and cheekbones is required to be covered therefore the pile above precisely will approach, and in the lower part to open chin. Clothes preferably with round cuts and collars.

Trapezoid face

It increases by the sizes from top to down, it is peculiar for the persons having big cheeks and small eyes. You should not be cut shortly and to open sides and also to show forehead and ears. From clothes it is necessary to remember that it is not necessary to carry top with cut in the form of quadrangle and scarfs.

Approaches: • hairstyle in shape of face in the turned look; • the "cap" covering part of the head to the middle of ears; • wave at fine hair; • the shortened hairstyles, caret. The main condition – splendor around the person, that is volume hairstyles.

Square face

Availability of wide lower jaw with forehead are inherent in such type of persons whose width can be identical. Thick bangs, presence of symmetry, zachyosyvany or straight hair are not recommended. You should not choose clothes top with quadrangular cuts.

The wrong (asymmetric) hairstyle or bang will be ideal. Are most favorable magnificent, volume or air.

In case you figuristy and high, ideally look hair of average length direct or wavy. It is possible to add tapering to bang. It is not recommended to do waves or chemistry.

At tiny figure hairstyles with average length of hair layers or thinned out will approach. Braids, tails or zapletaniye will not approach too short or long.

The girls having sports figure will suit the majority of options therefore it is possible to experiment.

The choice of hairstyle or hairstyle depends on large number of factors therefore it is necessary to decide attentively on shape of face, your preferences, figure type, and after that safely to go to hairdressing salon. It is necessary to listen professional advice, and then and to be cut, not always what we want to see on the head will approach our face type.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team