How to choose blush

How to choose blush

Blush helps to refresh the person and beautifully emphasizes cheekbones. That they looked most effectively, correctly pick up color and texture. Be not limited to one box for all occasions - in personal cosmetic arsenal it is worth having several options of blush.


  1. It is possible to find blush of various types in sale - powder, cream, gel, liquid. Liquid tinta will be ideal for oily skin - they do not contain oils and do not hammer time. Soft cream blush is addressed to dry skin, and normal powdery will approach. The gel product is universal - it is good for any type of skin. Also more original forms meet - for example, it is ruddy in stika or the color powder applied on pieces of wax paper.
  2. The choice of blush depends also on your abilities of the makeup artist. Beginning to use more simply powdery blush - they are put by means of brush and easily shaded, without forming spots. More skilled will suit means in gel or cream. The liquid product is addressed to advanced users. It is necessary to shade the strokes put with awning very quickly and accurately, otherwise on face there will be noticeable strips.
  3. Pick up the correct shade - it depends on color of your skin. Dark-complexioned girls will suit orange-brown scale, white - gentle pink-lilac. Red blush can be considered universal. At good shading they will create effect of the healthy face which has blushed on frost.
  4. The choice of color depends also on how you prefer to use blush. Red-pink scale will be suitable for refreshing of the person. To emphasize cheekbones, to allocate shape of chin and to hide chubby cheeks, use means of beige, brick or brown shade. Consider that dark blush should be shaded especially carefully that the face did not look spotty.
  5. Pay attention to multi-color options - they look most naturally and give big scope for experiments with make-up. Such blush can be issued in stik or is pressed in box. Most often in packing three shades are connected, but sometimes their quantity reaches 4 and even up to 5. Colors can be mixed in box or directly on skin. Sometimes producers combine blush with bronzer or highlighter.
  6. For festive make-up choose blush with shimmer. Small golden spangles give to cheekbones volume and are beautifully poured at artificial lighting. For day blush with soft satin gloss approaches more. Opaque options are ideal for skulpturirovaniye.
  7. Not to be mistaken, attentively test blush before purchase. Take brush from the house - it is possible to apply with it the pleasant product on cheekbones or the back of hand. Examine the put shade at artificial and natural lighting. Estimate not only color, but also firmness of blush. Consider also aroma - sharp perfumery compositions can irritate and even to cause allergy. The quality product smells gently, hardly noticeably.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team