How to choose brushes for make-up of eyes

How to choose brushes for make-up of eyes

Make-up options for eyes set. You can remove accurate arrows in style of the 50th, draw multi-color landscapes or carefully shade shades for creation of smoky effect. That experiments with making-up were successful, high-quality tools - for example are necessary, to brush for make-up of eyes.


  1. Good brushes for make-up of eyes can be found in any price range. They are let out by the professional brands, brands specializing in luxury goods and also various network producers of quite available price segment. The cost of each copy depends on brand and also material of which brushes are made.
  2. The most available option - brushes from artificial pile. They are ideal for drawing liquid eyeliner, cream and gel shadows. Such brushes do not absorb product, distribute paint evenly, easily wash and long serve. Artificial brushes are good also for drawing dry shadows, especially damp way. They give denser layer of pigment and make-up looks brighter.
  3. Brushes from natural pile are good for shading. They create in the eyes soft haze and perfectly are suitable for mixing of flowers. Brushes from pile of squirrel and badger are considered as the softest, more dense brushes do of pony, and the most rigid - of goat pile.
  4. Correctly choose brush form. For portrayal of wide dramatic arrows rigid flat brushes with slanted edge are necessary. Thin round brushes with the curved handle perfectly use eye shadow and paint over interciliary space. Dense flat brushes with okruglo the trimmed edge are suitable for drawing shadows. And fluffy whisks in the form of cone are necessary for shading. If you are going to do difficult make-up of eyes, all these options will be necessary for you.
  5. Upon purchase pay attention to quality of product. Good brushes for make-up of eyes have to be densely filled, pile does not drop out of them, the handle does not bend. Products with plastic handles are more practical, however wooden look more beautifully. Estimate softness and elasticity of pile - it has to have the identical length and uniform coloring.
  6. Having chosen suitable brushes for make-up of eyes, surely buy suitable cover - it will keep accessories from dust and will prolong the term of their life. Folding soft cases with large number of cells are very convenient - your collection will be replenished for certain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team