How to choose color of lipstick

How to choose color of lipstick

Correctly picked up shade of lipstick refreshes the person, gives to teeth whiteness and emphasizes the beautiful drawing of lips. The choice of color depends on tone of your skin and hair, situation and dress. Pick up several options for all occasions - lipsticks of different textures and colors can be carried separately, to mix among themselves and to supplement with gloss, achieving ideal result.


  1. Color of lipstick depends on many factors. At selection of shade consider tone of skin, eye and hair and also the general type of appearance. For example, the girls of east type having by nature dark lips will be suited deep and saturated tone. White-skinned blondes of the Scandinavian type should try very light, translucent lipsticks.
  2. Skin of olive tone will look perfectly near lipstick of warm red and deep wine shades. Pink-lilac, violet and light beige tone will make such person painful, and dark chocolate will visually add several years. To light skin there are fresh red, scarlet and coral lipsticks. The suntanned face will be decorated by golden-beige and apricot shades.
  3. Consider also the age. Some ladies add to themselves flying, continuing to be painted on fashion of the youth. Women of elegant age should avoid nacreous and too light lipsticks. The best choice for them - means of color of pink tree, pinkish-beige and quiet red. To young people go pastel and also various natural tone - from light-beige to golden and coffee. Lipsticks of bright wine shades can emphasize yellowness of teeth. If your smile is not ideal, prefer means of soft red or peach colors.
  4. The choice of color of lipstick depends also on time of day. For day choose quiet tone of average saturation - coral, light-red, pinkish-lilac, beige. It is possible to try on effective wine scale and also defiantly red and deep dark shades in the evening. Effectively also light lipsticks with pearl gloss look - they are especially beautiful in combination with bright make-up of eyes.
  5. The shade of lipstick depends on its texture. Choosing means for lips, surely try it on hand. Translucent or nacreous lipsticks will look lighter, than in tube. Opaque means, on the contrary, can be more dense and saturated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team