How to choose colored hair shampoo

How to choose colored hair shampoo

The structure of dyed hair artificially is changed. Such hair are more sensitive to physical impacts and demand careful care which specialized shampoos can not always provide.


  1. Shampoos and balms of well-known companies enjoy wide popularity. They, as a rule, differ in high quality that directly affects their cost. It should be noted that many hairdressers recommend to wash the painted head of hear with usual shampoos, considering the type of hair.
  2. The composition of colored hair shampoos seldom differs from what is written on packing of usual shampoos. By and large, it is marketing mix. Many women, having tested the advertized product for dyed hair, remain dissatisfied and return to habitual, worthwhile means for "normal hair". In certain cases similar means can keep artificial hair color, but at the same time they spoil hair that very few people can please. This results from the fact that considerable part of components of such shampoos rather aggressively influences structure of hair. To choose good means for the painted or natural hair, rather simply attentively to study the label.
  3. Always pay attention whether there is at structure of means filming agent. Carry keratin, silk, wheat gluten to this group of substances. The injured hair can protect Plenokoobrazovateli and it is even a little to feed of them, besides they are capable to save hair from dye washing away for a certain time. However you should not trust promises to completely restore structure of hair, similar means give only temporary effect.
  4. If you want to keep new color of hair longer, just try to wash the head less often. Sometimes women for maintaining color use shampoos with dyes, it is one of ways to keep hair brilliant and bright, but, unfortunately, regular use of similar means affects condition of head of hear not in the best way.
  5. It is necessary to remember that shampoo is only detergent. It is not capable to strengthen, restore, change or feed completely structure of hair as they on all the length are dead. Live part of hair are their roots which are quite deeply in head skin, shampoo cannot influence bulbs (roots) as in it just there are no necessary substances. Any shampoo has only short-term, passing effect.
  6. Perhaps, one of the few factors (besides availability of filming agent) to which it is worth paying attention is the softness of structure. Usually it is separately specified on the label. If you are not sure of what shampoo to choose, consult the hairdresser, most likely he will prompt suitable for your type means of hair.

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