How to choose cosmetic from cellulitis

How to choose cosmetic from cellulitis

From "orange-peel" any woman is not insured. Cellulitis can develop also in 25 years, and in 40. His insidiousness is also that there is it both at women with excess weight, and at slender girls. To get rid of this misfortune, integrated approach is necessary.

Be not upset if once, standing in front of the mirror, you have found in yourself "orange crust" on hips. Cellulitis is not sentence. Because of what there are hillocks on skin? Cellulitis is the fat cages increased in volume because of the liquid which is saved up in them. The bad metabolism, improper feeding or sedentary life can be the cause of it. Excess weight and heredity are additional factors which can provoke appearance of cellulitis.

How to get rid of cellulitis

Integrated approach is necessary. If you just go on diet, excess volumes will leave, but cellulitis will not get to anywhere. Use of some cosmetics can result in positive results, but it will be required to time much. And only combination: healthy nutrition + physical activity + cosmetic procedures will save you from cellulitis for ever and in short terms.

Include more liquid in the diet. If the organism does not receive the necessary volume of water, he tries to hide everything that receives, laying it in fabrics of cages. Limit the use of salt, sugar and flour products. Food has to be balanced, protein-rich, vitamins and cellulose. Swimming or water aerobics well helps with fight against cellulitis. Resistance of water raises load of muscles. Also the exercise bike, run or fast walking will approach. Do not throw begun if results are not visible in the first two-three weeks.

Anti-cellulite means

Choosing cosmetic for fight against cellulitis, attentively read structure on packing. Caffeine, getting into skin, accelerates metabolism and improves blood circulation. Fat deposits are burned much quicker. Pepper has the warming effect which promotes inflow of blood to problem places and improves its circulation. Seaweed actively splits fat, increasing elasticity and elasticity of skin. Essential oils of grapefruit, orange, lemon, lavender, etc. raise skin tone, remove slags and improve metabolism. Tonic action also extracts of plants possess: grapes, arnicas, jojoba, mints, green tea. It is necessary for increase in efficiency of anti-cellulite means to put it after shower. Steam out skin, having carefully processed it srub or massage brush. Then massage movements, moving from knee to hips, put means.

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