How to choose cosmetics for problem skin

How to choose cosmetics for problem skin

People with problem skin of the person are constantly anxious with search of the correct and useful cosmetics. Each incorrectly chosen cream can lead to appearance of new pimples or diseases of integument. Truly picked up cosmetics for problem skin will help to clean pores, to level tone of the person and to revitalize small wounds from pimples. Cosmetics for problem skin helps the person "breathe" and not to detain in itself surplus of skin fat.

Problem skin of the person holds in itself fats and water for a long time to keep her youth. But surplus of fat clogs up pores, without allowing oxygen to get deep into skin cells. The irritation, pimples or "black dots" appear from behind it. Incorrectly picked up cream and decorative cosmetics can aggravate situation to such an extent that drug treatment is required.

How to choose cream

Many oily problem skin cream contain the fats and substances drying skin in the basic. You should not choose means as a part of which there are such substances as benzoyl peroxide or cocoa butter. They extend all water from skin, doing it red and angry.

Contrary to human opinion, it is also necessary to moisturize oily skin, as well as any other type of skin. moistening of skin leads to saturation of cages moisture and oxygen, helping the person to look younger and level tone. The moisturized skin is not shelled, it is soft and not weather-beaten. Cream with moistening stimulate blood circulation that promotes fast healing of small wounds. As a part of the moisturizing cream not less than 50% of water and also glycerin and hyaluronic acid have to contain. The last components help to keep moisture in skin cells.

For the night it is possible to use special night oily and problem skin creams. Such cream contain antioxidants, animal and vegetable fats, oils which are quickly absorbed in skin, saturating it with nutrients. Night cream are created to detain water in skin cells and to protect problem sites of the person from irritation and drying. Night cream level complexion, bring microbes out of cages and it reduce risk of inflammations. In cold or hot season it is worth thinking of use of protective creams. They protect skin from winds, cold, the sun and heat. Extracts of herbs and wax often are part of these creams. Also as a part of such creams it is possible to find panthenol and adelainovy acid which enhance protective properties of skin. In the flying sunblock cream will be suitable for protection. Such cream does not cause acne, and keeps skin smooth and clean. Sunblock cream needs to use on the street since sunshine can cause not only wrinkles, but also skin cancer. Choose cream from the sun with high degree of protection. Will be suitable for oily skin cream or water-based lotions. As a part of such creams there is zinc oxide which blocks sunshine and helps to protect skin from excessive suntan. Medical cream are often written out by dermatologists at strong irritation of skin. Such cream restore mineral balance of skin, protect from environmental impact. They contain herbs, useful fats and oils and also medicinal components and vitamins. As a part of medical creams it is possible to meet such components as boric or salicylic acid, talc, sulfur or zinc oxide. They softly dry skin and struggle with acne. It is better not to use rigid masks and srubs at problem skin. Instead of them it is possible to get soft means for washing or usual cosmetic clay.

What to choose for make-up

For basis under make-up many have got used to use tone cream. Therefore, before purchase of foundation for problem skin, look at its structure and consistence. Components which will remove reddening and irritation of skin have to be part of foundation antibacterial (dimetikon) and anti-inflammatory (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide). For oily skin choose cream of dense consistence, and for dry skin – easier, watery cream. Decorative cosmetics for problem skin of the person has to be hypoallergenic. Read structure before purchase, such means should not contain alcohol, artificial dyes, hormones and benzene.

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