How to choose cosmetics for the summer

Those women who wants to keep the natural beauty for a long time when choosing cosmetics should consider seasonality factor. If in the winter the main enemy of skin – frost, then in the flying – dry wind and the sun which can become not less severe stress.


1. For food and moistening of skin choose the cosmetics containing the sun-protection factor protecting it from photoageing in the flying. It is necessary to choose cosmetics for the summer on water or oxygen basis, selecting means taking into account your type of skin. You put moistening cream in small amounts, distributing them on skin uniform thin layer not to provoke allocation of droplets of sweat on face skin.

2. Use, especially in the open air, special sun-protection means. Consider the type of skin and when choosing similar protection. If your skin light and sensitive, then the factor of protection of SPF has to be not less than 11-30 units. Here too it is better to give preference to water-based gels, but not fat creams. Choose means which part the vitamin E preventing peresushivany skin and protecting it from solar burns is.

3. If you after all have suffered from the sun and skin has reddened, buy cream which use after suntan. They will remove reddening and the naggers, will prevent peeling of the upper layer of the skin. As a part of such cream there have to be fruit acids, collagen, menthol, allantoin, bisalol, extracts of mint and train, essential oils of almonds, peach.

4. Stock up with ready cosmetic masks for the summer period including for body. Protection is required for face, hands and neck, the most subject to negative impact of direct sunshine. For dry skin choose the structures containing honey and extract of camomile for fat – extracts of yarrow, horsetail.

5. In the flying your skin will not do without the refreshing tonic or lotion, but in their structure there should not be alcohol which "will just extort" moisture from skin and will break its water balance. At dry and sensitive skin it is not recommended to use cosmetics as a part of which there are extracts of parsley, fennel or bergamot. Women with problem skin will suit the lotions or tonics with boric, paraaminobenzoic and salicylic acid containing retinoids.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team