How to choose cream around eyes

How to choose cream around eyes

The thin eyelid skin requires separate care. Correctly picked up skin cream around eyes is capable to reduce consequences of age changes, dark circles, traces of sleepless night. Cream will nourish skin with vitamins and will save from presenilation.


1. Before choosing skin cream around eyes, decide with what problem it has to cope. If you want to reduce puffiness, stop the choice on the cooling light gels. Will help to cope pocket-eyed and wrinkles active cream with collagen. Dark circles will be removed by the clarifying cream. Pay attention to means which cope with two tasks at once, for example, reduce puffiness and dark circles. As a rule, it cream with pigmental reflective particles which hide shortcomings and give to skin easy shine.

2. Pay attention to composition of cream. At it there have to be such substances as: vitamins C, To, And, E, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10. Vitamins actively struggle with free radicals, protect skin from presenilation and strengthen it. Hyaluronic acid returns elasticity, reduces wrinkles and stimulates development with collagen skin, coenzyme gives to skin healthy look. It is desirable to choose means without caffeine, fragrances and parabens which dry and thin skin. Ingredients which in means the greatest number, are located at the beginning of structure.

3. For day care behind skin around eyes choose means with transparent gel texture. It has to cope with hypostases and contain the UV filter. As night means choose active serums and cream which moisturize and feed the skin. Do not use the means which is not corresponding to your age, it will only aggravate situation and will worsen the general condition of skin. On packing of cream for century there has to be information that cream contains hypoallergenic formula and there has taken place ophthalmologic control. Skin cream around eyes has to be with the roller applicator or be in tuba with thin nose. Means will contact less to oxygen that will reduce risk of development of allergic reactions and hit of infection after its application.

4. Choosing skin cream around eyes, ask the seller to provide you sampler of this means, then you will be able fully to estimate its action on your skin. There is no guarantee that any universal cream will suit you. Skin after use of cream should not be dry and strapped. At the slightest reddening and tingling of skin around eyes, stop use of this cream, it does not suit you. If the choice of cream for skin around eyes was unsuccessful several times, consult to the dermatologist who will pick up means taking into account features of your skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team