How to choose cream for suntan in sunbed

How to choose cream for suntan in sunbed

for sunbed allows to keep skin from loss of moisture under the influence of ultra-violet radiation. This means will help to avoid feeling of tightness and dryness of skin and also will give the chance to receive more equal suntan, having neutralized part of harmful radiation of lamps.


  1. The first what it is necessary to pay attention when choosing cream to is type of skin for which it is developed. Means which protect from influence of ultraviolet better are necessary for owners of skin of light shades. It is connected with the fact that the light integument is more sensitive to emergence of reddenings, irritations and allergic reactions, and therefore cream needs to be chosen without additional bronzator and with the maximum level of protective qualities.
  2. For people with swarty skin it is possible to choose the means incorporating bronzator. They are used for strengthening of effect of suntan and its approach to natural shade. The components which are part of such creams also help to avoid irritation and to make suntan more uniform and deep.
  3. Attentively study composition of each medicine. So, extracts of plants which have positive impact on skin of the person are added to some cream. For example, olive oil will become additional protection against irritations. Grape seeds oil will soften skin, and the aloe will remove reddenings will improve moistening.
  4. When choosing cream keep in mind that for different parts of body at suntan different types of means for protection have to be used. So, for face skin special cream for suntan is used. Additional protective components which help to avoid obstruction of time and dehydration enter it. For legs it is also possible to get separate means – skin standing not such sensitive, and therefore it is allowed to use some components for strengthening of effect.
  5. Before the choice of means read responses on products of any given firm. Attentively study composition of each medicine. The price of cream depends on quantity of protective components and content of additional substances for suntan strengthening.

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