How to choose cream from cracks on hands

How to choose cream from cracks on hands

The cracked, weather-beaten hands look very unattractively. Besides cracks can be very painful. Correctly picked up cosmetics will help to get rid of problems: the moisturizing, nutritious and protective creams which will look after skin throughout the day.

1. Estimate condition of the hands. Usually small cracks appear at excessive dryness of skin. In this case intensively moistening means helping to delay moisture in epidermis will be necessary for you. Try creams with urea. They are suitable for any type of skin, do not provoke irritations and successfully cope even with very dipped hands. It is better to apply creams with urea with courses, for 10-20 days in a row.

2. The antiseptic creams accelerating healing of affected areas will cope with deep painful cracks. Such means are applied to the cracked skin the quiet patting movements. For strengthening of medicinal properties of cream it is possible to put on cotton gloves. Good medical action creams with allantoin, emolenta, thermal water and mineral salts possess. They are especially recommended for sensitive, inclined to dermatitis to skin.

3. The means containing glycerin have the active softening effect. It is better to use them before emergence of deep cracks as effective prophylactic. For smoothing and moistening of skin use creams with extracts from curative herbs: camomiles, yarrow, sage. Flower extracts - for example, the hydroarmour of rose and lily mixed with natural oils successfully fight against cracks and damages.

4. Fat creams on oily base can badly be absorbed. Alternate them to easier water means: emulsions, lotions, gels. Very effectively the program at which for night of hand are greased with dense nutritious cream works, and in the morning and are humidified with light gel in the afternoon.

5. For protection of hands in cold season dense means on the basis of natural wax which cover skin with the thinnest protective film are necessary. Means with addition of vitamins A, C and E which not only protect skin are preferable, but also feed it. Ready vitamins B oil can be added to any hand cream to make it more effective.

6. If you have very sensitive skin, pay attention to creams of pharmaceutical brands. They do not contain fragrances and dyes and do not cause negative reactions of skin. Also means will be suitable for children who differ in very soft hypoallergenic formulas. Try protective winter, vitamin moistening and nutritious creams. It is desirable to choose means from one ruler, in complex they work especially effectively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team