How to choose cream from pimples

How to choose cream from pimples

Problem skin demands special care, and cream from pimples differs in structure from the usual moisturizing cream. Components which will help you to cope with your problem have to enter it.

1. Having come into shop in search of cream from pimples, pay attention not only to inscription "for problem skin" on tube. Read the label which has supplied means. At your cream there have to be components capable finish carefully and effectively with pimples.

2. It is desirable that means for problem skin contained salicylic acid. She is capable to get into deep layers of epidermis, looking after them. Salicylic acid possesses the drying action that is very useful.

3. Zinc – one more frequent component of cosmetics intended for treatment of problem skin. It also has the drying effect, but at the same time is capable and to remove inflammation. It is worth drawing close attention to cosmetics containing zinc in the flying: besides the medicinal properties, zinc is also capable to protect skin from ultra-violet radiation.

4. Owners of problem skin are not recommended to use srubs with abrasive particles as they are capable to aggravate problem. However it is necessary to delete the keratosic parts nevertheless. Pay attention to night cream with fruit acids: milk, apple, glycolic, lemon, wine. These substances are capable to peel softly skin, at the same time without injuring it. Consider that creams with fruit acids is not recommended to use at the end of spring, in the flying, and in early autumn as they strengthen influence of ultraviolet that can lead to burns.

5. Benzoilperoksid will also help to get rid of pimples. He kills microbes and removes inflammation, without irritating at the same time the skin. If you use antibiotics for treatment of acne, this component which is contained in cream will strengthen their action.

6. Many vegetable components are capable to have curative effect on problem skin. Choose cream which part aloe juice will be. It has antimicrobial properties and also increases the speed of cell regeneration. Also means with tea tree oil, camomile and calendula which are anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agents will be useful.

7. Face creams often include base and essential oils, but owners of problem skin should show consideration for similar ingredients. Many of them are komedogenny, that is provoke emergence of rashes. You should give preference to cream with jojoba oil. In spite of the fact that you have on skin pimples, it all the same demands moistening which jojoba will be able to provide it. Use of this means will not aggravate your problem.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team