How to choose cream from wrinkles

How to choose cream from wrinkles

Sooner or later each woman faces this problem. The choice of cream from wrinkles – responsible business because the state and appearance of skin, so, and appeal of the woman in many respects depends on it. Correctly picked up cream will help to keep skin young for a long time.


1. To begin to use cream from wrinkles it is necessary in advance, but not when you have found reticulum of small wrinkles on face. As a rule, 25 years are optimum age when it is necessary to think of acquisition of the special cream intended for prevention of early aging of skin. The components providing moistening and stabilizing liquid balance and also vitamins E and With known for the ability to give to skin elasticity and to protect it from influence of external harmful factors and free radicals usually enter such means.

2. The worst enemy of skin – the ultra-violet radiation provoking early aging. Therefore, selecting cream for the summer period, surely pay attention to that in its structure there were UVA and UVB filters.

3. As a rule, with age skin becomes drier because of deterioration in ability to hold moisture. It gradually loses elasticity and elasticity. For this reason wrinkles are formed. Today the means containing hyaluronic acid because of its ability to maintain water balance in skin are very popular. Dry skin becomes humidified, small wrinkles are smoothed.

4. In the world of cosmetology the opening of the peptide complexes of natural or synthetic origin applied to production of anti-aging cosmetics became revolutionary. Such cosmetics by right are called the innovation as on the impact on skin they in certain cases can be compared to plastic surgery, at the same time having essential advantage: lack of side effects. Effect of some peptides is based that they cause relaxation of mimic muscles thanks to what microtension of skin is removed and wrinkles are smoothed. Also peptide complexes interfere with destruction of collagen in skin and promote development of new.

5. When choosing cream for the mature and withering skin it is also worth paying attention to presence at structure of various natural components. For example, the glycoceramides received from wheat germs give elasticity to skin and feed it. The sea-buckthorn, ginseng root, shea butter, sundrops oil are also known for the rejuvenating action.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team