How to choose cream gel for washing for oily skin

How to choose cream gel for washing for oily skin

Cosmetics for washing have different structure, action and are intended for the different purposes therefore to choose just cream-gel with mark "For oily skin" insufficiently. Read composition of gel and compare effect of active components with requirements of the skin.


1. Pay attention to structure of gel. There are means in the form of homogeneous dense mass, and there are gels with small abrasive parts. If your skin not only fat, but also sensitive and also if you select gel for the periods when impact on face skin has to be minimum, then choose uniform structures. Cream-gel with microgranules has light peeling effect and as daily means it suits not everyone – your skin has to be rather rough that on it irritations have not appeared. Sensitive skin also should not be washed with gel from spirit component as it can lead to emergence of dry sites, microcracks, peeling. For gentle skin select gels with panthenol addition (restores and humidifies) and citric acid (normalizes ph-balance and deletes surplus of fat).

2. For the oily skin inclined to fast appearance of heat-spots and inflammations, structures with special antibacterial components of high degree of intensity are developed – it can be salicylic acid, plant extracts, fruit acids, propolis, etc. In all other cases of rather deep cleansing.

3. If you suffer from allergic reactions, then additional protection is necessary for your skin – choose means without vegetable components and fragrances. In passing refuse the peeling structures.

4. You need to control release of skin fat therefore choose gels with the matting properties – with extract of sage, lime, thyme, etc. Such means give plentiful foam, deeply clean pores and block release of fat for some time, at the same time drying the inflamed sites. Skins with addition of clay can be used as mask or as gel for washing.

5. Avoid products with addition of mineral oil. The consistence cream-gel demands addition in it the condensing components – often producers use various mineral oils for this purpose. On oily skin such means for washing will leave hardly noticeable film which will clog up pores and will create all conditions for reproduction of bacteria. Choose gels without oil and glycerin if your oily skin and does not need additional moistening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team