How to choose cream with Retinolum

How to choose cream with Retinolum

Retinolum, or vitamin A – female weapon in fight against skin aging. Cream with the content of this substance will care for elasticity, healthy type of skin, removal of toxins. That the remedy with Retinolum was effective, it is necessary to select it individually.


1. Miracle Retinolum protects skin from action of ultraviolet, also this component stimulates production of collagen. Therefore most often vitamin A is present in anti-aging cosmetics. It is recommended to use it only after 30-35, Retinolum has several contraindications which also should be considered upon purchase of means.

2. Cream with vitamin A needs to be chosen, paying special attention to cosmetics packing. Vitamin A loses the properties under the influence of sunshine therefore the jar with face cream has to be opaque. Means with the doser will become the best choice. Retinolum quickly is oxidized at contact with air, light, it is necessary to store cream after purchase in the dark place.

3. Creams with the content of vitamin A should be used all the year round therefore it is desirable to choose means with UV filters. As a rule, this cosmetics is not recommended for sensitive skin, however many producers develop special formulas all-type skin. At tendency to allergy it is important to get hypoallergenic product. To find suitable means, it is necessary to experiment with different brands.

4. To learn about whether cream with Retinolum suits you, it will be possible only at prolonged use. If in the first days of application you feel small tightness of skin, there are reddenings, it is recommended to continue use of cosmetic product 1.5-2 more weeks. In case after this term the symptoms have not passed, it is necessary to refuse use of such cream. Duration of accustoming of skin to Retinolum depends on specific features. It is necessary to pay attention to cream cost with Retinolum in the last turn. You can suit both expensive, and average at the price means.

5. Concentration of Retinolum in face cream can vary, but this factor is not crucial. Presence at its structure of niatsinamid, ANA of the exfoliants and other components promoting penetration of vitamin A into skin layers is important for effective action of means.

6. Good results give cream with Retinolum content from 0.3%. Ideally cosmetics has to include also anti-inflammatory ingredients which will help to avoid peeling, appearance of acne at the beginning of process of regeneration of skin. Comprehensive care is provided by anti-aging means with Retinolum which formula assumes use of fruit acids, nutritious oils, vitamins C, E.

7. Vitamin A in pure form as a part of cosmetics is not recommended for pregnant women and the feeding women. Upon purchase of cream with Retinolum surely look at the term of its validity. Be guided also by product type – most often cream with vitamin A release for night application.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team