How to choose curling tongs of hair

How to choose curling tongs of hair

curls – dream of many girls. Thanks to special curling tongs of hair, straight hair has become possible to turn into curls. Only one question concerns. What model of nippers to choose?


  1. Pay attention to nozzles. It is the main element in nippers by means of which it is possible to make curls of any form. If you like to experiment with hairstyles, choose nippers with set of nozzles.
  2. Nozzles are round, spiral-shaped, conic, corrugated and so forth. By means of nozzles of round shape it is good to do natural smooth curls. And the volume of curls directly depends on diameter of nozzle. Use of corrugated nozzle does straight hair wavy. Other types of nozzles allow to create not less original hairstyles.
  3. On sale it is possible to see nippers with nozzle – the iron. It is great option for those who need to straighten hair.
  4. Health of hair depends on material of which the working surface of nippers is made. So, the surface is metal or ceramic. The first option has set of shortcomings. Metal unevenly gets warm and works great mischief to hair. Another matter ceramics. Its harm is minimum.
  5. Once you note such coverings, teflon and tourist's crimson. The teflon covering improves sliding of hair in nippers. Work of nippers with tourist's crimson covering reminds work of hair conditioner. Negatively charged ions which development is provoked by heating eliminate electric charge of hair.
  6. Not less important parameter is the power of nippers. As a rule, it is models with power from 20 to 50 W. Professional curling tongs of hair can have higher capacity. However such models are not really convenient in operation as they have the big sizes.
  7. Choose nippers with wide temperature range. The maximum temperature of heating is higher, the it will be easier to make curls. However you should not abuse wave at the maximum temperature. It spoils hair.
  8. Modern models can have electronic control which allows to expose necessary temperature. By means of the screen it is possible to watch settings. Also quality nippers have to be equipped with the inclusion indicator. So you will know in what mode there are nippers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team