How to choose effective deodorant for the man

How to choose effective deodorant for the man

Men, choosing itself any given thing, or show to it interest, or indifference. From means of hygiene most of men has only shampoo, soap and toothpaste. The stronger sex just ignores cosmetics that cannot be told about deodorants. Practically all representatives of strength of mankind use them. So why deodorant and how to pick up the most effective remedy?

Popularity of deodorants among men

Masking of smell of sweat is important not only for women, but also for men. What to tell about the increased sweating at the stronger sex. For this reason many men choose deodorant. It copes also with strong sweating, and masks bad smell. With men's only the men's deodorant and any another can cope then. And it is valid, this cosmetic is very popular among men.

Types of men's deodorants

All men's deodorants can be subdivided into several types:

- roll-on deodorants. Effect of such means is as follows: obstacle to reproduction of microorganisms and bacteria, blocking of channels of sweat glands, giving of pleasant aroma to skin. It is necessary to notice that some deodorants have no perfumed smell. Roll-on deodorants are popular among men, but they have only one shortcoming - they are badly and long absorbed and create discomfort because dry up on skin. - deodorant spray. Their popularity at men is explained by the fact that they have number of advantages which treats: the big period of storage, means does not dry, is very quickly absorbed in skin, it is convenient in use, does not leave spots on clothes, does not spoil. Despite all these advantages of spray, it has also shortcomings. For example, quite pungent smell of cosmetic, inefficient obstacle to sweating, not environmental friendliness. If the man has weak office of sweat, then deodorant spray to it will approach. - firm deodorants. These are the most effective cosmetics owing to the fact that they perfectly cope with sweating. They are very convenient in use and, besides, do not create feeling of discomfort - deodorant dry. Sweat smell he has nothing as it with ease muffles it. However and the firm deodorant has shortcomings. One of such bad qualities are white spots on clothes which are left by means after its application. Perfumery composition – integral part practically any deodorant. But there are also such means which do not contain fragrances, that is do not possess any smell. Such deodorants enjoy bigger popularity, than the perfumed cosmetics. If after all to choose from aromas, then sea, wood and grass smells will be more preferable to men.

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