How to choose eye cream

How to choose eye cream

Skin around eyes - the most delicate place on human face, it the thinnest, under it is not present fat layer and muscles which could support its elasticity. It is subject to stretching and is inclined to hypostases moreover and is exposed to big loading when the facial expression changes. Therefore the correct leaving by it is especially important.


1. Be defined what problem you want to solve with the help of cream for eyes. Depending on it stop the choice: for the swelled inflamed eyelids – on the cooling gels and masks; for pocket-eyed fight – on strong creams which can make skin of more elastic; for removal of dark circles – on the clarifying creams with UV factor; for smoothing of small wrinkles – on the moisturizing creams with the content of antioxidants. Remember that there are also creams more broad spectrum of activity, but if producers promise to save you more, than from two problems, you can back put such cream on regiment. Do not try to solve all problems quickly and at once. Decide for yourself what is at present for you the most important. Usually creams are classified on day, night and broad spectrum of activity. Each of them has to be in your arsenal.

2. Pay attention to for what age this cream is intended - not suitable for your age can only do much harm.

3. Attentively read the label – various active agents which are part of cream, make various impact on skin of eyes. Especially pay attention to whether there are some substances in cream which can damage to you. For example, caffeine tightens skin, but can dehydrate it; stearates hammer time and give dim look to skin; propylene glycol can cause allergy and some toxic reactions, etc.

4. At survey of packing look for inscriptions about whether there has undergone means ophthalmologic control and whether it is safe for the people suffering from allergy. Of course, from individual negative shows of cream all of you are equally not insured therefore, buying cream, take samplers and test them, applying to skin near eyebrow or cheekbone. If there was irritation, refrain from purchase.

5. Pay attention to expiration date and date of production of cream. Keep in mind that many producers to lower possibility of emergence of allergic reactions, began to refuse inclusion in the content of cream of chemical preservatives, and it reduces storage time.

6. Sometimes it is better to provide the solution of question of the choice of cream to the good cosmetologist: it will be able to pick up cream taking into account specific features and condition of your skin.

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