How to choose eyeliner

How to choose eyeliner

Evening, and it is frequent and it is difficult to imagine daily make-up without eyeliner. With its help it is possible to achieve magnificent effect of cat's eyes or just to force eyes to seem slightly more exotically, and eyelashes are more dense. What to be guided when choosing eyeliner by? Everything depends on result which you want to receive.


  1. Liquid to podvodkavybirighta liquid eyeliner in case you have sure hand and you are capable to draw accurate flat line on elastic surface century. Besides, this cosmetic product is irreplaceable if you carry false eyelashes. Get liquid eyeliner not with brush, and with the applicator from foam. With its help easier to put means and it is more difficult to be mistaken when drawing. Do not use liquid eyeliner for lower eyelids and you remember that, as a rule, this cosmetic product has waterproof properties.
  2. Gel to podvodkavybirighta gel eyeliner when you want to gain maximum of convenience and good lasting outer effect. The gel eyeliner is packed into small jars, is put by means of thin brush. Means well lays down, quickly dries (quicker, than liquid eyeliner) and differs in quite good firmness. Being applied on eyes, creates accurate contour, less sharp, than contour from liquid means.
  3. Karandash-podvodkastarightes not to use dry pencils eyeliners. Their texture when drawing rumples the thin and dry eyelid skin inclined to formation of wrinkles. The correct pencil has cream basis. It is not smeared when drawing, and, as a rule, is on sale with tip from sponge. By means of pencil it is possible to achieve set of visual effects. With it lines of any intensity and thickness are available. Just undermine pencil and draw thin arrows, and use the rounded-off tip for creation of smoky eyes.
  4. Pressed powder podvodkachtoba to receive the thinnest lines of inking, get powder means in the make-up bag. The pressed eyeliner is applied on eyelid by means of damp brush. Unlike shadows, means contains number of wax that allows it to keep long on skin without being showered. Keep in mind that the address with the pressed eyeliner demands firm hand and some skill. So it is necessary to be trained before you receive ideal make-up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team