How to choose face bleaching cream

How to choose face bleaching cream

The person — the business card of any woman. Women look after him most actively. Emergence of freckles and other types of pigmentation of integument can become unpleasant surprise, in this case it is possible to use bleaching cream.


1. If the increased pigmentation has appeared at you suddenly and very intensively, surely see doctor behind consultation as it can be symptom of serious disease. In this case use of bleaching creams can not render desirable effect, that is first of all it will be necessary to get rid of basic reason of the increased pigmentation.

2. As a part of any face or body bleaching cream the major role is played by active components. To choose means, suitable for your purposes, it is necessary to have at least superficial idea of these components.

3. Hydrochinone is substance which slows down activity of the melanocytes which are responsible for pigmentation. It is necessary to consider that cream with this component cannot be applied for an appreciable length of time.

4. Arbutin is made of bearberry plant, it is vegetable analog of hydrochinone. Cream with arbutin it is possible to use long time without interruption.

5. Tretinol peels dead melaninovy cells, stimulating formation of new. If to use means with it it is too frequent, it is possible to earn dryness and peeling of skin.

6. Beta carotene — one more frequent component which can be found in face bleaching cream. It influences melanocytes, forcing them to stop producing melanin.

7. Any quality cream for bleaching of the person surely includes fruit acids, gluconic and glycolic acids. These substances work very effectively, but at the same time shchadyashche, they accelerate skin updating process.

8. Availability of vegetable components as a part of cream is great advantage. Juice of parsley and lemon, extracts of grape seeds and nasturtium have the strong bleaching effect. Jojoba oil and juice of aloe have the moistening effect, they normalize process of formation of melanin and bring skin into tone.

9. Quality bleaching creams have to be hypoallergenic: they should not contain components which can cause allergic reactions. Unfortunately, development of the cosmetic industry has led to the fact that in a number of products substances which effect on human body in general and on skin in particular has not been studied fully are used. If you have tendency to allergies, avoid the bleaching means with use of kojic acid, give preference to creams with large number of vegetable components.

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