How to choose face cream

How to choose face cream

Face cream needs to be selected taking into account standard and age features of own skin. That depends on correctness of selection of cream, face care will be how effective.

Face cream and age

Face cream - cosmetic product without which any modern woman cannot do. Cosmetologists claim that it is worth treating the choice of cream more than attentively. The wrong selection of this product can negatively affect skin very. Improper cream can even cause allergy.

Many women prefer to trust the choice of care products for the person to the cosmetologist. Such approach is the most correct as the expert can define quite precisely what product will be required in each case. Besides, cosmetologists perfectly understand descriptions of composition of creams.

Knowing certain rules of selection of cream, each woman can independently choose for herself the most successful products. When choosing cosmetic on skin care it is necessary to be guided by for what age category it is intended. Mature women should not choose young skin cream as their use will not result in desirable result. To young girls it is strictly forbidden to use anti-aging cosmetics as it can cause skin presenilation. Modern producers, as a rule, specify on packing with cosmetic product information on for what age any given cream is intended. It is necessary to know that since 25 it is permissible to use cosmetic products with light anti-aging effect. The means which are actively interfering aging and promoting smoothing of wrinkles can be applied only from the 35th summer age.

Face cream and skin type

When choosing cream for the person it is very important to consider also type of the skin. According to well-known classification, it is dry, fat, combined. Means for care for different types of skin have essential distinctions on the structure and those functions which they have to carry out. The large cosmetic companies release the expanded range of cosmetic products. On sale it is possible to meet the dehydrated, sensitive, angry face skin cream and also for skin with acne rash or rashes. If the woman finds it difficult to define that it is necessary for her for maintenance of youth and the solution of certain problems with the person, she can pass one their specialized test. They without effort can be found in the Internet on the websites of the large companies producing cosmetics. After passing of testing of the woman, as a rule, finally decide on what products are necessary for her for face care.

Composition of cream for the person

Choosing cream, it is necessary to pay attention to its structure. It is the most preferable to choose product which part natural components are. At the same time the most valuable components have to be located closer by the beginning of the list of the ingredients which are present at cream. If any extract is located at the end of the list, then it means that it in this cosmetic product very little. It is necessary to avoid purchase of care products for the person which contain harmful components: parabens, aluminum salts, benzene and some other substances. Such components as propylene glycol and ceresin, can cause allergy. When choosing cream it is worth paying attention to the name of the producer and even type of packaging in which the cosmetic product is on sale. The cosmetics produced by domestic manufacturers are considered as more natural. Import cream can be rather effective, but at the same time their synthetic components have property to collect in skin and to cause allergy and even accustoming. Choosing cream of import production, it is worth getting only expensive means with more natural structure.


Making the choice between cream in jar or tube and cream in bottle with the doser, it is worth giving preference to product in bottle with the doser. Such type of packaging interferes with hit of microorganisms in cosmetic. Cream in jar has to be supplied with special plastic shovel for its more hygienic use.

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