How to choose face cream after 30 flyings

How to choose face cream after 30 flyings

The basic principles when choosing any given cosmetic are the age and type of skin. After 30 flyings, skin demands special, more careful leaving. Selecting face cream, it is necessary to consider all age problems and "weaker points".

At this age because of development delay by organism of collagen and elastin the skin tone decreases. The incorporating glycerin, silicone, vitamins A and F, wax, vegetable substances and also various fats are necessary for its maintenance nutritious cream. For night care it is possible to use means with panthenol, collagen, Retinolum and ceramides.

Ladies after 30 should draw the attention of cream about lifting effect. Thanks to influence the lifting cream happens active development of the proteins increasing elasticity of face skin. Such cream restore face contour, increase elasticity of skin and fight against wrinkles. The following components usually are part of creams with effect of lifting: lipids, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, collagenic complex, vitamins and other active agents.

After 30 flyings, wrinkles therefore it is necessary to use special creams against wrinkles begin to develop. Usually are part of such means vitamin A – one of the strongest means in fight against wrinkles, fruit acids, sun-protection components, collagen, elastin and others. However you remember that skin gets used even to the most effective remedy over time and ceases to react to useful substances therefore cream it is necessary to change. It is possible to get two means and to use them in turn, alternating courses for 20-30 days. One of the main enemies get prettier skin the harmful ultra-violet radiation damaging cells of epidermis is. For reliable protection against UV-radiation, it is worth finding means at which there are mineral filters: titanium dioxide (protects from UFA and from UFV-beams) and zinc oxide (protects from UFA radiation). One more factor of presenilation of skin is influence of free radicals. Cream, the incorporating antioxidants, plant extracts and vitamins C and E effectively fight against it. You should not forget about skin moistening. After 30 flyings, processes of natural peeling slow down, and skin becomes dry and dim. Means with the vitamin C, alphahydroxyacids, aromatic oils and substances designated by NMF (the natural moisturizing component which is available in epidermis) are necessary for the correct moistening. Choosing face cream, consider the type of skin, season, problem points which you want to eliminate also firm of the producer of cosmetic. Even if finance does not allow to buy expensive cosmetics, the good effect can be reached by means of cheaper cream, the main thing - regularly and systematically to use it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team