How to choose face scrub

How to choose face scrub

Except daily washing, face skin needs periodic more deep cleansing. Especially, when to the person already for 25, and process of renewal of cells of epidermis slows down. That skin remained smooth longer, was quicker updated, the face scrub is useful.


1. Choosing srub, be guided by the instruction on packing of type of skin for which it is intended. Buy corresponding to the type. There are also universal products - for any skin.

2. In the presence in shop of tester estimate the size and form of the peeling particles. Consider that too large, deckle-edged granules can scratch skin. Give preference small or the average size to particles with roundish edges.

3. Granules can be as synthetic, and natural origin. As natural abrasive components of srub the crushed fruit stones or sea salt are most often used. Such granules are usually larger than others therefore means with them in structure are suitable more for the oily skin combined.

4. If your skin normal, suits you moderate and rough srub. Particles of loofah or the crushed coffee beans can be its part. It is quite good if means is enriched with moisturizing components. It can be essential oils, extracts of berries, for example.

5. If face skin sensitive and dry is better to refuse application of srub. You will suit soft peeling. This creamy means without the peeling particles. It is applied to the cleaned dry skin, wait for drying, and then accurately deleted by means of fingers - skatyvayushchy movements.

6. The srub is gel or on the basis of cream texture. The last will be more saturated, and usually such product needs to be washed away after application with any cleaning means. The gel texture is removed from skin just warm water more often.

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