How to choose face toner

How to choose face toner

Tonic - the liquid means deleting residues of cosmetics, refreshing the person maintaining natural pH-balance. Choose tonics depending on type of skin and its state. The necessary means can be found in cosmetic shops, drugstores and even supermarkets.


1. Define type of the skin. You can buy tonic of the same brand, as other cosmetics, or choose means from other ruler. Consider that even very good product will not be able to solve all problems. Cosmetologists advise to have in arsenal several bottles for example softening, matting and refreshing means and to use them seasonally and conditions of skin.

2. Tonics without alcohol, on the basis of thermal water or flower hydrolat will be suitable for dry type. These means can be enriched with the natural oils which are intensively softening the person. Water-based tonics with small amount of oil well delete residues of cosmetics, without overdrying skin.

3. The person, shelled, inclined to irritation, needs means with medical additives. Pay attention to the tonics containing panthenol, allantoin, emolenta, grass extracts. Means with addition of glycerin and urea will help to recover very dry skin. These components allow to detain moisture in skin. Such means are especially useful in cold season.

4. Normal skin needs the tonics which are effectively deleting the died-off cages and refreshing the person. Pay attention to means with fruit acids. They act as very easy peeling, dissolving all pollution and reducing time. At the same time the unpleasant feeling of tightness is not observed. Means with the vitamin complex providing fresh complexion are useful.

5. Mature skin needs very soft means capable to clean face, to tone up and to slightly tighten it. Medicines with the high content of the hyaluronic acid which is actively renewing cages and deeply moisturizing the skin will approach. Tonics with Retinolum and vitamin E leveling negative impact of the environment are useful.

6. The tonics capable to delicately clean face are required for skin, fat or inclined to inflammations, without provoking excess release of skin fat. Such means may contain mineral powder, natural antiseptic agents, extracts of herbs and essential oils. Oily skin toners often contain small amount of alcohol. For problem sites there are special strong means with salicylic, glycolic or lactic acid. Similar means need to use very carefully, processing only affected areas.

7. Choosing tonic, pay attention to aroma and lack of dye. Pungent smells can irritate and even to cause allergic reaction. Options with thin, quickly disappearing aroma are preferable. If there is opportunity, use tester, so you will be able to estimate reaction of the skin.

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