How to choose face young skin cream

How to choose face young skin cream

Young skin if only on it there are no eels, looks perfectly and, it seems, does not demand special leaving. However to keep it in excellent condition and after thirty, it is necessary to begin leaving since 16-20. Especially it concerns those who are fond of make-up, visits of sunbed and other cosmetic procedures and also that who had had rashes on face skin connected with hormonal reorganization of organism.


1. It is necessary to remember that use of improper creams can do to skin considerable harm. And therefore, before going to shop behind cream, it is necessary to visit the cosmetologist who will be able correctly to define skin type, will reveal her requirements and will recommend the means for young face skin suitable in this case. Nevertheless, the basic rules of the choice of cream should be known, the final choice depends on you.

2. It is desirable to buy cosmetic in shops in which there are samplers. Small amount of cream should be applied to skin in wrist and to wait 30 minutes. If means has not caused allergic reaction, it can be taken.

3. Pay attention to composition of cream for young face skin. It should not contain coenzymes and other active components intended for fight against wrinkles. At young skin care, similar substances as a part of cosmetic are capable to lead it to presenilation. The main components of creams for girls of 16-25 years are natural oils, extracts from herbs, extracts of vegetables and fruit, cereals, yeast, honey. Also means for oily or problem skin of the person may contain salicylic acid and zinc.

4. Oat flakes and wheat are suitable for the normal skin inclined to formation of heat-spots. Oat flakes are vitamin-rich groups B, playing important role in cellular metabolism and supporting skin nourishment. At regular use of creams as a part of which there are cereals the face skin is quickly updated, regenerated. Honey interferes with evaporation of moisture from skin pores and also provides natural moistening and natural opaque gloss gives to the face.

5. Yeast is suitable for the shelled skin - they work as easy srub. Yeast is rich with calcium, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium, vitamins D and B. They have antioxidant properties and perfectly clean face, help to strengthen nails and hair. Olive, bergamot, burdock and other oils usually are part of the moisturizing cosmetics for dry young skin. If you have fat type of skin, it is better not to abuse oils.

6. The aloe and cucumbers contains cream for removal of red spots on skin, alignments of complexion, clarification, elimination of dark stains under eyes. Extracts of herbs (camomile, yarrow, plantain, calendula, sage) perfectly are suitable for dehumidification of the fat and combined skin.

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