How to choose form for short nails

How to choose form for short nails

Short nails can look perfectly. However for this purpose it is necessary to take care of them - daily to humidify cuticle, once a week to do manicure and, of course, to choose the shape of nails suitable your fingers.

It is required to you

  • - glass or ceramic file for nails;
  • - cuticle scissors;
  • - dark varnish.


1. Estimate length of your fingers, width of brush and form of cuticle. Slender long fingers well look with any nails which - are slightly pointed, oval, rectangular. To chubby hands there is soft rounded form of plates, and here the fashionable square looks alienly. But it suits long fingers with large joints. To fragile small handles there are no aggressive rectangles, and the large brush will look more graceful with oval nails.

2. Some manicurists recommend to give to free edge of nail the form of cuticle. It can be corrected slightly. For example, if the basis of nail aims at oval, the upper edge can be filed exactly, having slightly softened corners. File the nails in the form of trapeze extending up at the edges, having given them the form of the extended rectangle or tonsil.

3. The way of life influences shape of nails too. For example, on the keyboard of the computer it is more convenient to work as fingers with the square nails having direct or slightly roundish free edge.

4. Consider that plates have to have identical length. Do not let grow nails only on one-two fingers - surely file them, having given the necessary form. More precisely to estimate their sizes, before processing by file apply any dark varnish on plates. So you will be able to control symmetry of nails and straightness of lines.

5. If one-two nails have the form, other than the others, try to correct them by means of file and sharp cuticle scissors. Act accurately, constantly estimating effect not to overdo.

6. Do you want to change cardinally form, having left the bothered oval in favor of fashionable square? Change type of nails gradually. It is possible that the fashionable form will not suit you or will be inconvenient. Consider that the pointed tips are suitable only for the strong nails not inclined to fragility and stratifying. It is safer to turn soft plates into ovals or smoothed rectangles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team