How to choose foundation for oily skin

How to choose foundation for oily skin

, probably, such girl or the woman who would not like that her skin looked always ideally equal, fresh and shining. However, unfortunately, it is not always easy to reach it. Especially difficult it is necessary owners of oily skin.


  1. While happy owners of normal skin, get any means, selecting it is exclusive on color, that who has oily skin, this way it is impossible to act. Rash purchase is capable to result in unexpected results. Improper tone means can aggravate problem. Oily skin has unpleasant gloss, and having used the first cream, it is possible to achieve even more untidy type of skin or strengthening of secretion of sebaceous glands. It is possible to avoid it if to understand all requirements of the skin inclined to the increased fat content, and to understand what has to be foundation for it. Therefore upon purchase it is necessary to be guided by some simple rules.
  2. For oily skin the tone means has to be rather liquid and easy therefore, the vozdushny, the consistence, the better is easier and more gentle than it. Surely draw close attention to composition of foundation. It should not contain essential oils or their quantity has to be minimum. It means that these ingredients have to be specified at the very end of the list of the components which are part of cream.
  3. Liquid foundation for oily skin surely has to contain protective equipment from excessive impact of sunlight. It is good if it are the screens which are operating superficially and not getting into epidermis, thereby not having negative impact on, already problem, skin.
  4. Try to choose the cream which is pulling together enlarged pores. Besides, it is good if it possesses anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. It will help to prevent emergence of inflammation, reddening, itch and other troubles with skin. If you have no contraindications to hormonal means, it is possible to pick up cream which will treat skin at the hormonal and molecular level.
  5. On box of cream there has to be inscription that this means deletes greasy luster, otherwise purchase does not make sense. Among other things, cream has to suit you in the age range since recently there is increasing number of the cosmetics intended for certain age framework. It is necessary to consider that in winter time cream has to have lighter shade, than in summer since skin gains more dark color, sunbathing in the sun.
  6. Before purchase it is desirable to open tube with cream and to look at its contents. Means should not contain lumps, layers, clots or non-uniform texture since all this strong indication of its unfitness.
  7. You should not forget about expiration date. First of all, look at duration of period of storage, the it longer, the bigger amount of preservatives contains in cream, and they are contraindicated for oily skin. Means with the period of storage coming to end is also not recommended to be taken.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team