How to choose French perfume

How to choose French perfume

To choose favourite aroma among large number of options happens very not easy. For this reason choice of perfume is true art. If perfume gives you confidence, cheerfulness, causes positive emotions, so it is chosen correctly.


  1. Aromas traditionally are divided into several groups: flower, fruit, wood, leather, fuzherny, east, unisex. Therefore before visit of shop define for yourself one group of aromas with which spirits you would like to get acquainted. If you romantic nature, pay attention to flower and fruit perfume. If your character differs in impudence and assertiveness, make choice for leather or wood aromas. East beauties can look for themselves for spirits from east group. Of course, it is only conditional examples. Therefore, choosing aroma, you first of all have to see in it yourself and the identity.
  2. For this reason some women on dressing table have constantly same bottle, and others have the whole collection. And some copies in collection of the woman can not use at all. How to avoid it? Go to perfumery shop in the morning. At this time the sense of smell works in the intensive mode. Therefore you without effort will be able to catch in aroma of note which to you not to liking. Certain chords of perfumery composition really can strongly influence nervous system, causing not joy and delight, but headache. In the evening receptors not too clearly distinguish smells.
  3. Going behind perfumery, you do not apply on yourself any spirits. Otherwise they will kill smell of the chosen aromas. After the three first zatest ask for the consultant of coffee quicker to return to nose susceptibility. Especially it needs to be done in shops with good selection. If at air constantly there is mix of various aromas, the probability to choose something not that is high. Do not choose spirits when your hormonal background undergoes changes. It is shown during monthly and pregnancies.
  4. Apply spirits on blotter or on wrist and listen to them. If the smell was pleasant to you, come to time from shop and walk. So, you learn how the aroma reveals during time. In addition, you will personally check also firmness of aroma. If everything arranges, it is possible to return to shop and to make purchase. To feel initial note of aroma, it is enough to open bottle only. As a rule, this smell gives alcohol, is bluff. But at once it is followed by the main note. In it it is already possible to distinguish shades of smells and on their basis to define the attitude towards aroma: it is pleasant or not. At residual stage the spirits can change to unrecognizability and find special charm. Because of basic notes the spirits on the girlfriend can smell absolutely differently, than in shop.
  5. It is important to be able to distinguish French perfume from fake correctly. For this purpose it is necessary to consider bottle and its packing rather attentively. If in any places glue clearly is visible, the cover of spirits is not closed densely, there are roughnesses and other defects it means that the aroma is fake. In the title of the original there should not be excess letters and other graphic signs. On French perfume surely there has to be inscription Made in France.
  6. If you buy perfume not for the first time and know their true aroma, it considerably facilitates the choice. Any deviation from the real smell or the present unfamiliar notes signal that you hold fake in hand. Buy perfume only in specialized shops and networks to which you trust. Do not get spirits from hands. So risk to buy counterfeit perfume much more decreases.
  7. At choice of perfume there is also such rule: the girl is younger, the easier and vozdushny there has to be its perfume. And women of advanced age are recommended to select powdery, spicy aromas with east notes. Such perfume can be very resistant and heavy. Aromas can be connected also with some events from life, travel and so on. Inhaling such smell, you will remember pleasant times in the past.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team