How to choose gel for daily washing

How to choose gel for daily washing

Gel for daily washing can make this necessary procedure even more pleasantly and more usefully. This means, unlike ordinary soap, not only is capable to remove effectively from face and neck sweat, dirt and skin fat, but also to open access of oxygen to skin cells. But to achieve desirable result, it is very important to choose gel for daily washing correctly.


1. Never buy any certain gel for daily washing only because it has attracted you with the bright packing or low price. When choosing this cosmetic take own type of skin into account.

2. If you the owner of dry or sensitive skin, for daily washing definitely not to do you without gel. Even only because soap use is strictly contraindicated to you. Safely choose cream-gel which part lactose and proteins are. These substances perfectly feed, moisturize and soften the dry skin.

3. It is better for owners of the fat and combined skin to choose such cosmetic as gel skin for daily washing. It has the light and refreshing texture. The set of the most various mineral salts, fruit acids and vitamins capable to remove carefully from the surface of skin of pollution and excess fat is part of gel skin.

4. For the problem skin affected with acne rash it is better to choose soft gel for daily washing. Give preference to the means containing tea tree oil, camomile or extract of calendula. These components of gel perfectly remove inflammation, narrow pores, regulate production of skin fat and interfere with emergence of bacteria on skin. Pay attention that problem skin gel should not contain alcohol which can cause bigger irritation.

5. Approach the choice of gel for daily washing very responsibly. Application improper to you cosmetic can become the reason of peresushivaniye or, on the contrary, to excessive hydration of skin.

6. Try to buy gel for daily washing only in drugstores or specialized cosmetic shops. Only this way you protect yourself and the skin from harmful effects of gels fakes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team