How to choose gel mask for eyes

How to choose gel mask for eyes

Gel masks for eyes have become fashionable quite recently, but have already created furor among fine half of mankind. Practically each woman wants to have such today. Correctly choose the cooling face pack.

First of all, it is worth understanding the principle of action of gel mask for eyes. It is based not so much on the components which are its part, how many on property of gel to keep temperature long time. In difference of the majority of face packs or century, the gel cooling mask will not come into direct contact with your skin. Its task – by means of cool to narrow vessels in eyes and around and them. Gel is ideal for this purpose simply – it is durable, takes the form of your person and easily cools down, long keeping cool.

Similar gel masks have begun to offer many producers of cosmetics today. It is possible to meet them even among goods of quite cheap price category that does not mean at all that in the same place and it is worth buying them. Remember that you trust mask the most valuable – your person. And cheap goods often make from the low-quality materials capable to cause allergy.

Besides, as you will use such mask not once, repeated cooling and heating are necessary to it. Cheap materials of such loadings can not sustain. As result – crack and the gel flowing on your person. Agree, not really pleasant prospect. Therefore it is the best of all to buy gel masks in drugstores or specialized shops of cosmetics. The quality goods surely have to have the certificate, the detailed instruction for application and quality assurance.

Gel face packs happen the different size and form. The most widespread remind points and close only eye area. Exist also another, intended for complex therapy and treatment of migraines, small wrinkles and giving to tone to skin of all person. Masks of this kind, as a rule, have the form of the person or close eye area, forehead and two thirds of cheeks. And here for the people inclined to catarrhal diseases and also having chronic tonsillitis the facilitated option of gel mask – slip is specially provided. It represents small gel small pillows which should be placed in the area under eyes. Such mask does not cause overcooling of nasal bosoms, however will have necessary effect on eyes. Pay also attention to fastening – it has to have convenient fixer and fasten on the head strongly, but not to squeeze. If the mask constantly slips or press on eyes too strongly, to relax and have a rest at you it will not turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team