How to choose gel polish

How to choose gel polish

Gel varnishes enjoy wide popularity among the women wishing to increase beautiful and strong nails today. In fact they represent hybrid of gel and varnish which all producers of cosmetics have in assortment almost for nails. To choose quality and resistant gel polish, it is necessary to know what characteristics it has to have.


1. When choosing gel polish many masters are guided by ratio of the price and quality which is the defining criterion. Usually the cost of such varnish depends on the volume of bottle which standard capacity is 15 ml and also from the country of origin, brand of the company and structure of means. Professional and expensive gel polishes have high quality, do not harm natural nail plate, remain on it from ten to fourteen days and easily are removed special remover.

2. Preservation duration gel - varnish covering is quite impressive – at the same time on nails not only varnish remains, but also various cracks, chips and deletings of manicure are not formed. When choosing gel polish it is necessary to pay attention to that in the instruction the firmness of preservation not less than three weeks for which the covering will not lose the external properties has been stated. Besides, quality gel polish perfectly shines without additional coverings and does not lose the gloss before the updating of manicure.

3. Good gel polish has to be applied very easily (as usual varnish) and at the same time not to spread on the surface of nails. In set to it there has to be convenient brush which will allow to apply gel polish on nail plate with uniform thin layer, without leaving gaps. Also at its choice it is necessary to be convinced that it will be polymerized under standard ultra-violet lamp or modern novelty - LED lamp under which each layer will be polymerized not longer than thirty seconds, several times reducing operating time of the master.

4. Quality gel polish has to be removed conveniently and easily from the surface of nails within ten-fifteen minutes when softening by the liquid which is specially intended for removal of gel varnishes. The remover has to occur as follows: liquid is applied on cotton sponge which is located on nail surface and turns back foil. The procedure repeats with each finger and it is necessary only to wait for full dissolution of gel varnish. Liquid for removal should not contain the forbidden chemicals that nails have not lost the appearance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team