How to choose good epilator

How to choose good epilator

Epilators have become widespread because their impact on hairs is more long and is effective, than operation of the ordinary razor and also is more hygienic. But, unfortunately, the procedure which essence is mechanical wrest of hairs after all is painful that it is hard to transfer. Therefore upon purchase of epilator it is important to consider both quality of its work, and ability to perform this operation of the least traumatic.


  1. All types of epilators, despite constructive distinctions, by one principle work. Several couples of disks quickly rotate and at contact among themselves take hairs, like tweezers, pulling out them with root. Therefore the first what you should pay attention upon purchase to, is the speed of rotation of disks. Epilators with higher speed of rotation of disks reduce time of this procedure and its morbidity.
  2. Single-speed epilators will suit women who have trouble-free skin and rare, short and thin hairs. Two- and three-speed epilators can tear off such hairs, but not pull out. But for longer and hard hair such machines will be optimal variant.
  3. The starting vibrating anesthetizing mechanisms are intended for decrease in pain and irritation during removal of hairs. They represent rubber brush which moves ahead and relaxes skin like massage. In some epilators instead of brush there are other stimulating nozzles, but the principle of their action is based on massage too.
  4. In the field of bikini and axillary hollows skin is more sensitive and inclined to irritations. When choosing model of epilator pay attention to that which has so-called precision cover. This detail reduces quantity of the operating tweezers and stretches skin, and use of the device in hard-to-reach spots does more convenient.
  5. If you are not going to refuse the razor, can stop the choice on model "two in one". It is set which heads enter both removable shaving, and epilyatorny. Epilators in this case are equipped with multipintsetny systems, and shaving heads – the thinnest reticulums from hygienic metal alloys and trimmers.
  6. Special tanks coolers are provided in some expensive models. Before use of epilator such capacity is frozen, and then is established in the device. This option for you will be ideal if you possess sensitive skin: cold will narrow sosudik and will stop bleeding and also will lower pain.
  7. To make the decision what epilator suits you, think in what places you are going to delete hairs. Depending on your purpose and also from sensitivity of skin, you will be able to pick up the device with the necessary quantity of nozzles and functions. Anyway try to buy products of producers with good reputation.
  8. Additional details can be selected according to the taste and interests. For example, some models are completed with brushes and covers for use on the way, others have the built-in accumulators which are charged from network, or batteries are provided.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team