How to choose good foundation

How to choose good foundation

what foundation you will choose, your appeal will depend – skin has to look uniformly, to be equal and silky, without visible reddenings and signs of exhaustion. To each skin there has to be individual approach.


  1. Consider skin type. Liquid tone means are suitable for any type – they are quickly and easily distributed on skin, it is easy to put them with fingers or sponge, they do not make heavier make-up. Compact tone cream it is better for those women to choose who has dry skin – contains in their structure many mineral oils which will soften and will humidify. If skin is inclined to irritation, on it easily there are heat-spots or reddenings, then apply hypoallergenic cream with antibacterial additives. Resistant tone cream suit ladies with oily skin on which usual means very quickly begin to float.
  2. Correctly select foundation shade. Color of cream has to correspond precisely to natural shade of skin – the more naturally and more imperceptibly it will look on face, the better. Too dark cream ages skin, and light tone can contrast with color of neck, hands or decollete. Foundation with flickering or reflective parts does not suit for daily application, it can be used from time to time.
  3. Choose means with ultra-violet filters. Skin needs to be protected from the sun therefore it will be better if foundation has mark of SPF 15 above.
  4. If your skin needs to be tightened, then choose foundation about lifting effect – he hides wrinkles, improves face form.
  5. Oily skin needs to be matted therefore foundation has to have the corresponding effect.
  6. Always test means before acquisition. Being going to shop, purify skin – you should apply a little cream on cheek. Shade structure on skin and wait five minutes. Then look at yourself in mirror at artificial lighting and approach window or go outside – cream has to match shade of your skin.
  7. Be not guided by cream cost – always try means in operation. Among the budgetary foundations you will be able to find that which will be ideal for your skin, and the most expensive structures can not perform the functions on your skin. From time to time change the preferences and try something new, adding the next cream to the list of the means suitable you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team