How to choose good spirits

How to choose good spirits

Correctly picked up spirits are the same important part in end of image as make-up or manicure. On loop of aroma which follows the woman it is possible to learn a lot of things about his owner.


  1. It is possible to distinguish three large groups from set of aromas: flower, chypre and oriental. Flower notes which can be complemented with sea, fruit, wood shades are the cornerstone of the first group. Chypre aromas have bitterish wood notes with shades of new-mown grass, moss and wood. The last group unites all warm soft spirits: amber, leather, spicy, east, etc.
  2. To choose qualitative spirits, but not fake, go behind purchase to special perfumery shops. The trained consultants will help you with the choice if you find it difficult to make it. Before visit of shop think what attracts you more: sweet, bitterish or acid aromas. Perhaps you choose perfume "occasionally" or to mood, for example, that it warmed you in the winter evenings.
  3. You should not buy without testing perfume as in advertizing or at the girlfriend. The perfume applied to skin mixes up with natural releases of skin fat, sweat, etc., and gains individual aroma. There can be it that it will not be pleasant to you how spirits have revealed on you, and you will regret about purchase.
  4. Color of bottles serves as peculiar hint. Spirits in transparent bottles with shades green or blue often have fresh sea or grass aroma. Red, pink, yellow or lilac packing speaks about flower and fruit notes. Bottles of dark colors, most likely, are filled by deep wood and bitterish spirits.
  5. Testing aroma, do not rely only on paper strips, surely apply the pleasant spirits to wrist skin. Wait several minutes and inhale aroma again. If you do not hurry with purchase, it is the best of all to estimate perfume smell at the end of day as any spirits have upper, average and lower notes. The aroma can cardinally change.
  6. Keep in mind that when choosing perfume it is important to consider not only own preferences and age, but also season. It is one spring-summer better to buy fresh, flower, fruit or citrus aromas. Deeper, spicy and warm spirits from oriental group of aromas will be suitable for fall and winter.
  7. If suddenly when using spirits you feel headache or feeling of discomfort, closeness, do not try "to carry" this aroma further, hoping to get used over time. It is not your perfume. Give it to the girlfriend, the relative or sell on the website of announcements.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team