How to choose hair-dye

How to choose hair-dye

In most cases women dye hair in house conditions, without asking for the help of professional masters. How not to make mistake in right choice of color of paint?

The choice of hair-dye – responsible occupation which result can affect image of the woman. Change of color will inspire her on new mood and positive emotions. Girls make inexcusable mistake, being enough from counter of shop box with the pleasant hair color of model.

But color of paint needs to be selected with special care, its choice depends on many factors. Special role is played by shape of face, skin color, eye and age of the woman.

Features of use of chemical paint

The concept "chemical paints" is meant as resistant substances which for a long time give to hair the necessary shade, but at the same time can do harm if it is wrong to use them. When choosing shade of paint it is necessary to consider own hair color. It is clear, that the dark shade is more difficultly painted over as curls contain large amount of melanin (natural pigment). As a result of it color can turn out several another, than has been stated on packing. To guess shade, it is necessary to study the table which is provided by producers. More extensive information can be obtained in shops where there are palettes with samples. Having compared color to the desirable, it is possible to pick up ideal color correctly. If it is necessary to dye hair for the first time, then it is better not to change color cardinally: it is necessary to stop on option which will differ from previous only on one-two tones. The thing is that the color presented to the woman by the nature harmoniously is combined with color of skin, eyebrows, eyelashes. Therefore it is frequent together with hair-dyeing, are also exposed to the procedure of change of color of eyebrow and eyelash.

Skin color: warm or cold

Hair-dye should not be selected to match with skin, on the contrary, she has to emphasize it favourably. Cold type of skin. This type of skin will suit dark brown shades and also dark blonde paints more. Warm type of skin. Skin with peach shade can be combined with all bright and saturated shades safely. Still it is possible to change image by means of radical strokes locks. If on skin often there is flush, you should not use red shades then. In this case options which will hide skin reddening will be useful, will give some pallor. The person with shade of earthiness is strictly forbidden to be combined with hair color blond. Yellow color or bright white accents, but only partially is allowed. While some women are in independent search of ideal hair color, regularly facing wrong tests, others consult with experts and make right choice. Whether it is worth risking if it is possible to arrive competently at once, and, above all - it is harmless to itself?!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team