How to choose hair-dye with UV filters

How to choose hair-dye with UV filters

careful attitude to hair and exception of influence of harmful beams, it is better to buy paint with UV filters in structure. When choosing paint it is necessary to be guided by the minimum harmful effects on structure of hair and also protective properties which will allow to keep for a long time color and health of dyed hair.

All female representatives dream to look ideally. The beautiful streaming hair have huge impact on image of ladies. But not only the image, but also health of hair depends on the correct care for them and the chosen color.

Many women will be always faced by question of the choice of color and the sparing composition of hair-dye. If its color is chosen individually, then the structure written on packing, often is not clear for ordinary customers. Along with the main chemical ingredients, vegetable oils and various vitamins, at quality paint there have to be UV filters.

For what UV filters in hair-dye are necessary?

Hair of modern women daily are exposed to harmful effects of the environment, in particular, of ultraviolet. You should not think that if on the street the bright sun does not shine, then there are no reasons to be protected from UV rays. Their impact on head skin is present absolutely under any weather conditions. Therefore it is just necessary in all ways to preserve your head of hear against influence of negative factors. It can be done, including, by means of the paint incorporating UV filters. UV filters are complex of the elements capable to soak up ultraviolet rays, blocking their penetration into skin and hair. Use of hair-dye with UV filters, will positively affect color and health of hair, namely: • Indumentum will be protected from harmful action of ultraviolet in any time of the year. • For a long time brightness and intensity of the chosen color.· will remain hair will not burn out and will not overheat on bright sun.· the protection of hair against chemical influence of ingredients of paint in time is provided and after coloring.· the structure of hair improves, gloss appears.

The UV filters which are present at paint will also help to avoid feeling of dryness of hair.

How to choose quality hair-dye?

Besides availability in hair-dye of the protecting UV filters, pay attention and to other features of quality goods. Namely: 1. It is better to buy hair-dye in specialized shop where sell professional cosmetics. 2. First of all pay attention to the structure specified on box - give preference to paint with the smaller percentage of peroxide of hydrogen (6-9%). 3. Choose paints without ammonia, it is desirable enriched B5 provitamin, vegetable oils.4. In set the producer usually applies the conditioner which will add to hair gloss and shine to quality paint. - do not save the last council on paint! Recovery of the spoiled hair will be much more expensive!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team