How to choose hairbrush for hair

How to choose hairbrush for hair

Any woman dreams that she had thick and shiny hairs. Still long since was considered that strength of the person - in hair. We use huge number of masks, balms and conditioners daily. But we forget about the most important – about hairbrush. And she plays big role in life of hair, increasing blood circulation that promotes food of roots of hair and their growth.


  1. Classical hairbrush. Such hairbrushes can be from natural and artificial bristle. There are hairbrushes of the mixed type. It is good to use such hairbrushes for the night. They perfectly smooth hair, remove from them all dust and dirt.
  2. Massage brush. The massage brush well masses skin the head, improving blood circulation. However take care of that such hairbrush had no sharp teeth which can do harm to head skin. That your hair were soft and brilliant, daily use such brush.
  3. Wooden hairbrush. Are suitable for all types of hair. After use of such hairbrush the hair split, break less, shine more brightly and are not electrified. Wooden hairbrushes do of pine, birch, oak. Are suitable absolutely for any type of hair.
  4. Skeletal hairbrush. This hairbrush - the best option for drying and laying phenom. It is similar to massage brush, but in its basis there are openings for air.
  5. Brushes for laying (brushings). If you prefer daily laying phenom, then the round hairbrush will help you to emphasize beauty of your curls, and flat brushes will give additional volume. They can be natural and artificial. Such brushes do not sputyvat hair and do them brilliant.
  6. It is necessary to select hairbrush according to type of hair. With curls and the twisting hair the hairbrush will cope with rare teeth. Long hair need to be combed brush with natural (pork) bristle, and for short use brushes with the mixed bristle. For thick hair use flat brush. Surely pay attention to hairbrush teeths - they have to have rounded-off ends. For extension hair there is special brush.
  7. Do not comb wet hair, they have to dry a little, then it will be much easier to comb them. Surely look after the hairbrush - wash it with soap or shampoo, at least once in week. It is good if you have several types of hairbrushes, on different cases of life. Trust nobody the hairbrush and try not to use strangers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team