How to choose hairstyle for hair

How to choose hairstyle for hair

The choice of hairstyle for hair - very important issue. Because when changing hairstyle all image entirely changes, and the main task is not to spoil it. For this purpose it is necessary to approach the choice of hairstyle very responsibly.

It is required to you

  • Lipstick
  • Mirror
  • Catalogs of hairstyles
  • Computer


  1. Not to make the wrong choice of hairstyle for hair, it is necessary to define the face type for a start. Further actions depend on it. For this purpose the mirror and lipstick is required.
  2. To define shape of face, it is necessary to rise in front of the mirror and whenever possible precisely to depict face form lipstick directly on mirror. Depending on form of figure which at the same time has turned out and chosen hairstyle.
  3. If at you the oval face has turned out, then at such shape of face it is possible to do practically any hairstyles. At round face hair of average length, with possibility of visual lengthening of the person are necessary. It when hair in upper part of the head rise up, and on each side are cut off well. Also step hairstyles with asymmetry approach round face. At triangular shape of the person hairstyles which emphasize wide cheekbones are strictly forbidden. Also you should not be fond of short bangs and hairstyles when side locks are combed smoothly back. If on mirror the square was drawn, then in this case the hairstyle has to lift the line of forehead up. For example, it is possible to use asymmetric hairstyles on wavy hair, partings at the side.
  4. After have decided on shape of face, it is necessary to consider the sizes of eyes, nose, even growth matters. For example, hairstyles with smooth laying visually extend nose, and here with small nose it is the best of all for girls to carry small curls without bang.
  5. Then it is possible to take magazines with catalogs of hairstyles, to pick up hairstyle from the catalog and to show the chosen page to the hairdresser.
  6. If you have computer connected to the Internet, then itself can pick up hairstyle in special service of selection. It is necessary to visit the website, to load the photo and to change to itself hairstyles by means of the special interface directly on the website. In the same place it is possible to pick up also hair color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team