How to choose hairstyle: instruction of beauty

How to choose hairstyle: instruction of beauty

To look good, it is necessary to spend many forces and time. The external image is influenced by a lot of things: figure, clothes, condition of skin and nails, make-up and, of course, shape of hair. The good hairstyle will help you to correct shape of face, to hide shortcomings and to emphasize advantages.


  1. The first what it is necessary to pay attention at selection of hairstyle to is shape of your face. Define what it at you. For this purpose take away hair in hard tail, put on rim, remove make-up, take off jewelry from ears and neck and look in mirror. The person can be oval, round, square, rectangular and triangular shape.
  2. You can safely choose any hairstyle if you have oval shape of face. It is considered ideal, and owners of other forms aim to approach it.
  3. If you have round face, it needs to be extended visually. Choose hairstyles which form increases, beginning from ears. Increase the volume of hair on the top by means of pile. Avoid hairstyles with parting in the middle and the hair which are smoothed down back. Well asymmetric shapes of bang and parting at the side will approach.
  4. Hairstyles for the person of square shape are similar to hairstyles for round face. The main task at selection of hairstyle is to lift the line of forehead. Do not cut off thick bangs, you carry parting at the side and take away hair from ears. Give to hair light waviness.
  5. Choose hairstyles which do not emphasize shape of cheekbones if you have person of triangular shape. The most volume part of hairstyle has to be at the level of ears. Do not smooth down hair on each side. You carry direct long bang.
  6. Refuse long straight hair if you have squared face. Do hair with the curling curls framing face. Well the thick bangs will approach.
  7. There are also other nuances to which it is necessary to pay attention when choosing laying. Do magnificent hair with bang if you have long nose. High hairstyles will suit owners of the nose which is hitched up up. Something will be suitable for girls with small nose with curls and without bang.
  8. High hairstyles, with the locks laid along the line of cheekbones well will be suitable for the person with close put eyes. For the person with widely put eyes – direct and slanting bangs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team